Nobody wants to look up the numbers for home contractors, plumbers, electricians, movers, lawyers, equipment repair contractors and appliance repair companies. Be sure your number is the one they see first by creating magnet business cards.People don’t throw out their magnet cards. Using them will make sure you’re always there when they need you. Most magnet cards hang on a refrigerator or filing cabinet. We can print magnet cards with 17-pt magnets that are perfect for any setting.

Design the perfect magnet card with our help. Your magnet card should have bright colors and easy-to-read numbers. Our graphic artists can help you design a logo and a card design that’s clearly visible, even if it’s surrounded by other magnets. Call us for expert logo creation, card design and printing. We design and print magnet cards that are sure to hang around.

Create a magnetic version of your card for fridges, filing cabinets and more.

  • 3.43″ x 1.93″ size
  • Glossy finish
  • Vivid, full-color printing

Looking for business cards that won’t get lost in the shuffle? Unlike paper business cards, our personalised magnetic cards will stick on fridges, file cabinets or any other metallic surface. Attention-grabbing and functional, they’ll keep your contact info front and center. Plus, they’re great as customer giveaways at events, conferences, tradeshows and more. You can also hand them out at meetings or send them as mailers.

Options: Magnetic Business Cards

Standard – 0.4mm
Premium – 0.6mm

Product Specs & Templates

Full Bleed Size : (3.54″ x 2.05″)(90 x 52 mm)

Document Trim Size : (3.43″ x 1.93″)(87 x 49 mm)

Safety Area : (3.31″ x 1.81″)(84 x 46 mm)

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