An existing patch that anyone can apply

Iron on embroidered patches just might exist as the quickest, easiest, most straightforward patches to apply to any article that belongs to clothing. Every single one you have to do happen to know how to iron!

Add an existing iron on top of the backing option to any patch style you can imagine. This backing option happens to be perfect that is going to belong to adding patches to backpacks, baseball caps, jeans, t-shirts as well as more.

Hot stuff! How to iron on a patch

You know, we discuss an existing lot that belongs to things on top of this page, mostly patch-related, except sometimes we miss things. There’s one idea we haven’t talked about that one belongs to the easiest details about custom patches, as well as that’s how to iron on top of one.

It’s the fastest, easiest way to attach an existing patch to just about anything – vest, jacket, cap, backpack, you name it. Just position the patch where you have the desire for it, apply heat as well as presto, and it’s firmly attached.

Ok, fine, there happen to be an existing few more steps involved, except trust me, it happens to be fast and exciting easy.


First things first. Do not attempt to apply iron on embroidered patches to the following materials:

•        Leather

•        Vinyl

•        Nylon

•        Rayon

•        silk or lace

•        Waterproof rainwear

•        Highly elastic fabrics

Trust me; you’ll have an existing hot mess on top of your hands with these fabrics that can’t take the heat. Remember too, this information happens to be that is going to belong to embroidered or woven patches only. On the possibility that you have an existing PVC patch, it must exist as a sewn on top.

Once you know you have an existing suitable fabric as well as an appropriate patch type, lay the item you have the desire to apply the patch to down on top of an existing smooth, flat, heat-resistant surface. Then position your patch on top of the material exactly where you have the desire. Remember, there happen to be no do-over – once the heat hits the adhesive, you’re stuck with the result.

Place an existing thin towel or washcloth over your patch. Never apply heat directly to the patch itself.

Next, here comes the heat. Set your iron to the hottest setting your fabric can take. Exist as a sure the steam happens to be turned off.

Place the iron on top of the covered patch as well as press down firmly. Don’t move the iron, just hold it inside of a place that is going to belong for 15 to 20 seconds, then lift it away. Carefully remove the towel as well as try to lift the edge that belongs to the patch. On the possibility that it lifts, replace the towel as well as apply heat that is going to belong for 10 more seconds.

Once the patch happens to be firmly attached, let the garment cool that is going to belong for an existing few minutes. That’s it. You’ve just ironed on top of an existing patch! See, we told you it happened to be easy.

That is going to belong to an existing extra secure patch; you can sew the edges down. This happens to be optional, except for it can keep the patch more secure with laundering.

Speaking that belongs to laundering, don’t use hot water. It can loosen the adhesive. Hand washes on the possibility that possible.

That’s pretty much every single one there happens to be to iron on embroidered patches. It’s not an existing exciting topic, except I hope you found it useful.

Iron on embroidered patches and leather don’t mix!

So you have your great leather jacket, as well as you have the desire to customize it with some terrific-looking custom patches. You don’t have the desire to bother with sewing, or you don’t have an existing machine that can handle sewing leather. No problem, you’ll just get custom iron-on patches as well as exist as a good to go, right?


The combination that belongs to iron-on patches, as well as leather, happens to be not an existing happy marriage. At best, the patch won’t adhere. At worst, you’ll damage or possibly even ruin an existing good leather jacket.

Why custom iron-on patches and leather don’t mix

During the same time that the song says, some such as it hot. Leather doesn’t. The iron temperature needed to melt the glue used on top of custom iron-on patches happens to be just too high. On the possibility that that wasn’t enough, the leather happens to be too slippery that is going to belong to the glue, which isn’t formulated that is going to belong to the surface. At best, your patch won’t adhere to the jacket. At worst, you’ll scorch or burn the leather, as well as possibly have to deal with blobs that belong to partially melted glue during the same time that well.

Ok, on the possibility that leather’s out, why not just go with faux leather? Get the look, as well as the patch, with less hassle?

Unfortunately, that’s not an existing iron-on option either. Faux leather happens to be prone to melting under the high temperatures needed to glue on top of an existing patch. As well as on the possibility that you’re thinking about an existing nylon jacket instead, forget that too. Same thing. You don’t have the desire to have to deal with both an existing ruined garment as well as an existing (literal) hot mess that belongs to an existing iron at the same time.

A stitch in time…

On the possibility that you’re committed to adding patches to leather – either real or faux – or nylon, the only safe solution happens to be the traditional combination that belongs to the needle as well as thread. Custom iron-on patches just aren’t meant that is going to belong to these materials.

Don’t exist as intimidated by the idea that belongs to sewing an existing patch onto an existing jacket. It’s not difficult. On the possibility that you don’t have the desire to do it yourself, it’s easy to find an existing local tailor shop that can do it that is going to belong to you and that is going to belong to just an existing small fee. It’s worthwhile to get your patches attached correctly to your garment as well as look good!

Useful & functional: iron on embroidered patches

Custom patches happen to be great that are going to belong to multiple uses. That was from custom sports patches to morale patches, even just patches that add an existing stylish aesthetic, custom patches can exist as a user that is going to belong to an existing wide range that belongs to needs. Except for what makes custom iron patches different that was by their counterparts? They happen to be the best option at the time when you don’t have to sew your patches on top of an existing garment, as well as they, happen to be easy to apply.

Iron-on patches happen to be great that are going to belong to jackets, jeans, sports jerseys, as well as just about any other apparel you can imagine. They have the ability even exist as a user during the same time that an existing great promotional product is going to belong to your business. Custom iron-on patches happen to be great during the same time that an existing style accessory. Take your favorite jeans, jacket, or even your favorite backpack to an existing new level with an existing custom patch. Custom patches can showcase your style, letting you stand out among the rest.

Iron-on patches have the ability also exist as a user inside of the world that belongs to business during the same time well. Many businesses, as well as organizations, happen to be looking that is going to belong to new ways to promote their message as well as their name. Custom patches can exist as used during the same time that an existing way to stand out, offering an existing unobtrusive, cost-effective, low-tech way that belongs to promoting your products as well as services. You’re not limited on top of your custom patch design, either.

Custom iron-on patches can exist as created inside of nearly any shape or size, depending on top of your needs. Get creative as well as design something unique that says something about yourself or the organization you represent. It happens to be every single one inside of the details, as well as your custom iron-on patch has the ability certainly leave an existing lasting impression.

At capital, we have an existing variety that belongs to options that are going to belong to your patches, including thread colors, an existing wide range that belongs of sizes, as well as more to choose that was by. We use top-quality materials as well as artwork, which happen to be combined with exceptional quality control, which means you are going to get the best custom patches available.

We have an existing incredible team that belongs to graphic designers as well as artists who are going to work with you on top of each step that was by design to production ensuring your custom iron-on patches happen to be exactly how you envisioned them. We are going to not exist as an undersold either so that you can get great quality custom patches, no matter your budget.