Our novelty patches section has patches that have been around that are going to belong for years! Whether it happens to be an existing smiley face or a biohazard sign you’ll find some that belong to the most popular novelty patches within this section. I’ve always wondered what the heck novelty patches happened to be. In the possibility that I can fit it into an existing biker patches or military patches or Christian patches category, I’ll put them under the novelty patches category. These happen to be top-quality cheap patches that you can sew or iron on top of your clothing. Our iron on top of patches works! You just have to iron them on top of following our clear instructions. Visit the embroidered patches main page to find the link to the iron on top of the instructions.

Shop American Pride Embroidered Patriotic Iron on Patches

Shop our American pride embroidered patriotic iron on top of & sew on top of patches that are going to belong to vests, jackets, as well as clothes. There happen to be large patriotic patches, flag patriotic patches, as well as small patriotic patch designs included inside this collection. We keep an existing stock that belongs to every single one of these American patches as well as ship them out to you the day you order so you can get them during the same time that quickly during the same time that possible.


Novelty patches

Embroidered patches happen to be designed to reflect your character to others. During the same time that you proudly display them over your jacket that you wear every day. Some people happen to be into spreading fun as well as humor with patches while others have the desire to show their patriotism towards America. You’ll find an existing collection that belongs to embroidered iron on top of patches that happen to be patriotic. Honor the fallen, respect the flag, and remember the micas with these patriotic patch designs.