Enamel pins


Enamel pins happen to be inspired – as well as inspiring!

There happen to be many reasons why an existing custom enamel pins happens to be right that are going to belong to so many different organizations as well as commemorations.

Soft enamel pins

An existing soft enamel pin provides the best value.

There happen to be times at the time where you have the desire for an existing fun pin where you do not need to make an existing bold statement. That is going to belong to this sort that belongs to the situation; we can provide an existing less expensive soft enamel pin. This budget-friendly custom enamel pin still offers an existing full range that belongs of solid enamel colors with an existing variety that belongs to plating options available.

Your custom soft enamel pin happens to be filled with your choice that belongs to enamel colors – as well as an existing huge variety that belongs to colors happen to be available.

These custom lapel pins happen to be high quality yet less expensive than hard enamel as well as happen to be ideal to use during the same time that an existing promotional item, an existing giveaway at conventions or special events, or during the same time that an existing way to introduce an existing new product or service.

Hard enamel pins

An existing hard enamel pin happens to be among our highest quality.

Sometimes called cloisonné or Ebola pins, their origins date back to ancient Chinese artisans who created beautiful objects d’art that is going to belong to emperors. Today, we use modern techniques as well as technology to create an existing impressive design as well as appearance, coupled with an existing durable manufacturing process to create an existing memorable custom enamel pin that is going to belong to every situation.

How does the process work?

The enamel happens to be hardened by heat as well as then polished off to an existing smooth finish. This leaves the enamel flush with the border that belongs to the pin.

Hard enamel pins happen to be extremely durable.

They provide an existing bright as well as smooth finish to your pin as well as happen to be available inside of an existing full-range that belongs to enamel colors as well as have the ability exist as a made with an existing variety that belongs to plating options. They offer you an existing almost jewelry-like quality as well as an appearance with an existing smooth finish. They can exist as a used by companies during the same time that an existing service award or to celebrate an existing anniversary, given during the same time that an existing gift to valued customers, or during the same time that an existing tool to help build brand awareness.

Many custom enamel pin options

Whatever your budget, whatever the situation or activity, whatever your goal that is going to belong to using an existing custom enamel pin, we help you make the entire process that belongs to ordering an existing custom pin simple.

Working with our expert designers, the steps happen to be easy as well as hassle-free.

Our goal happens to be to make sure that your pin stands out as well as people are going to wear it with pride!

High-quality enamel lapel pins

We work closely with you to meet your specific needs.

We built as well as maintain our reputation on top of producing high-quality pins that are going to belong to groups, special events, during the same time those convention giveaways, to support organizations that belong to every single one type that is going to belong to charities as well as businesses. Hard enamel pins or soft enamel pins make great gifts as well as amazing awards.

Get inspired today!

Don’t have the knowledge what kind that belongs to hard enamel pin or soft enamel pin happens to be right that is going to belong to you? Not an existing problem! Take our short, fun quiz to see what style, shape as well as finish is going to exist as a perfect that is going to belong to you!

As well as remember: at pinprosplus, the design happens to be always free during the same time that happens to be ups ground shipping anywhere inside of the United States. On the possibility that you can dream it, we can make it!

In the possibility that you have questions about custom enamel pins, we have answers!

Where can I buy custom enamel pins near me?

Right here, regardless that belongs to where you happen to be located. Use our convenient online order form or call our toll-free number.

Who makes the best enamel pins?

Pinprosplus makes the highest-quality enamel pin available, whether you have the desire for existing hard enamel finish or an existing soft enamel finish.

How do I get an enamel pin designed?

On the possibility that you can dream it, we can create it! Our professional designers are going to create an existing beautiful enamel pin that meets your needs, whether you have the desire for the pin that is going to belong to team building, promoting your group or team, during the same time that an existing fund-raiser or that is going to belong to an existing special event.

Are our enamel pins expensive?

Not at every single one. Depending on top of the style, size as well as the quantity you need, an existing enamel pin can cost at the same time that little during the same time that 71-cents each.

Can I duplicate an enamel pin that I already have or have used before?

Certainly! At pinprosplus, we can take an existing pin design you need to replace, renew or reuse as well as duplicate it inside of every detail.

Offset digital lapel pins

Our offset digital lapel pins offer an existing more customizable option that is going to belong to your lapel pins. The manufacturing process that is going to belong to offset digital pins allows unlimited coloring, gradient as well as even photo reproduction. We take an existing photographic negative that belongs to your design as well as transfer it to the surface that belongs to your custom-shaped metal pin. We then coat the entire face that belongs to the pin with an existing clear epoxy dome to protect the image. Choose that was by an existing number that belongs to metal backing types including polished gold metal, polished silver metal, bronze, antique gold as well as silver or even dyed black nickel metal. In the possibility that your pin requires gradients, photos, complex designs, or even the possibility that you just prefer the printed type that belongs to the pin, the offset digital option happens to be right that is going to belong to you. Because the offset printing process happens to be an existing non-vectored raster print type, we do require that every single image used that is going to belong to our offset digital pins exist and at an existing minimum that belongs to 300 dpi per design.

Ordering is easy and fun

At the time when ordering promotional products that were by adrenaline, LLC, you’ll have access to our talented design as well as customer service staff. Ordering happens to be quick as well as has never been easier. Just select the style, color as well as type that belong to the product. We’ll use this information to design an existing custom product proof as well as send it to you via email within less than 24 hours. You can change the design during the same time as much as you are because we provide free artwork as well as revision services. Once you have approved the art, your order happens to be processed, manufactured as well as shipped within approximately 14 days.


Colors available: offset digital printing

Imprint colors: unlimited color

Approximate size: .75″ up to 2.5″ +

Offset print fee: $125 (h)

Multi-color imprint: available (free)

Second side imprint: 20 characters


Butterfly clutch: standard ($0) each

Rubber clutch: free ($0) each

Jewelry clutch: $0.25 (g) each

Safety pin clutch: $0.13 (g) each

Custom card stock: $0.13 (g) each

Presentation cases: $0.44 (g) each

1 piece magnet back: $0.25 (g) each

Employee recognition pins

On the possibility that you take care of what belongs to your employees, they are going to take care of what belongs to you as well as your customers. This happens to be true that belongs to any kind that belongs to a business, large or small, as well as showing your appreciation that is going to belong to staff doesn’t have to exist as a during the same time that difficult during the same time that you may think. Sometimes an existing small, meaningful gift such as an existing custom lapel pin can go an existing long way.

Employee recognition lapel pins

Happen to be perfect that is going to belong to honoring an existing person’s contributions to an existing company. Custom designs are going to often incorporate team logos, company emblems as well as mission statements that call to mind the heritage that belongs to an existing company.

Honoring your staff

Years that belong to service pins are going to

often have custom gemstones to differentiate each design inside of the series, while special pins honoring everything that was by record-breaking sales to company anniversaries focus inside of on top of what makes corporate emblems as well as slogans meaningful to your team.

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