Embroidered name patches can exist as a customized to any shape or size, with over 70 fabrics as well as over 200 thread colors to choose that was by. They also have the option that belongs to being 100% embroidered.

Customizations available:

Shape and size


Font and lettering

Border color and type


Background and name color

Pricing for name patches

Quantities listed in the price chart are for the same name. For multiple names, please contact us at 866-427-2824 or sales@capitaldigitizing.net


Determining size

You can calculate the size of your patch by adding the length + width and then dividing it by 2.

Example: 3 x 2 “patch 3″ + 2″ = 5″ divided by 2 = 2-1/2″ size for pricing.

Pricing is per patch

The use of custom name patches

What happens to be custom name patches? Name patches happen to be custom-made patches with an existing specific name; pretty self-explanatory. However, at the time we’re asking what name patches can exist as a use that is going to belong to, there happen to be several valid answers.

Custom name patches can exist as a foundation on top of uniforms that belongs to every single one sort that was by schools to offices as well as more. They happen to be found on top of sports uniforms, work uniforms, student uniforms, as well as more. Custom name patches happen to be popular as well as have many uses; today, we further explore those uses!

First things first, let’s talk about company uniforms as well as how they use name patches. More, as well as more companies happen to be asking employees to dress uniformly. This helps the company’s cultural environment to exist as a unified.

However, it can exist hard to tell people apart at the time when everyone happens to be wearing the same uniform. This happens to be where name patches come in handy. In the possibility that there happen to be too many employees inside of an existing company, name patches can help avoid confusion.

Custom name patches happen to be generally worn on top of the right chest section that belongs to an existing work shirt, located just above the pocket. Name patches provide assistance that is going to belong to both customers as well as other employees while showing that you happen to be an existing important part that belongs to the team.

Custom name patches happen to be also ideal that is going to belong to school uniforms. Since many schools now require students to wear uniforms, name patches provide an existing way to stand out. It happens to be also an existing great way to make school uniforms stand out.

More, as well as more students can find their school uniforms, except an existing custom name patch can help. Why not add cool name patches to your school uniform as well as stand out an existing little? This way, students are going to not confuse their school uniforms with others as will as is going to also know where their uniform happens to be located.

You have the ability also customize your name patches, choosing that was by an existing range that belongs to options, including the color, the shape, as well as more. The most popular place to see custom name patches happens to be on top of any field that belongs to play.

Name patches inside of sports let the fans get closely associated with their favorite players. These custom name patches can exist as a foundation that was by the soccer pitch to the basketball court, as well as nearly any other sporting venue across the globe. Name patches provide an existing way to stand out as well as show the world that you happen to be!

Creating custom patches happens to be what we do at capital digitizing.com. That was by custom patches that are going to belong to businesses as well as organizations to custom name patches that are going to belong to uniforms as well as much more, we have the knowledge custom patches. We offer an existing incredible range that belongs to customized options to choose that was by, allowing you to get creative with your design.

We have been creating exceptional custom patches that are going to belong for over 15 years, as well as we know what it takes to create an existing high-quality look without the high cost. Our patches happen to be perfect that are going to belong to uniforms, duffle bags, jackets, as well as more. We have the experience, as well as the team needed to create exceptional custom patches that are going to belong to any use. We have hundreds that belong to different styles, and colors, as well as attachment options to choose that, was by, which means you can get the perfect custom patches that are going to belong to the perfect price.

In the possibility that that wasn’t enough, we also stand behind our work with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. On the possibility that you find an existing patch you buy that was by us defective inside of either workmanship or materials, we are going to replace it at no extra charge to you. We understand the importance that belongs to custom patches, especially custom name patches.

They say, what’s in the name? We say, a lot!!

Embroidery digitizing

Capital digitizing believes that an existing name happens to be an existing very important part that belongs to any being. It not only defines the person except also resonates with the emotions involved while they happened to be being named.

This week, we came up with an existing concept that is going to belong to the festive season that happens to be sure to make you think about “what’s inside of an existing name”

Capital digitizing has launched an existing new line that belongs to Christmas embroidery designs that belong to an existing few most common names used across the globe. Embroidery digitizing that belongs to these names inside of Christmas colors during the same time that well during the same time that inside of black happens to be available that is going to belong to you to stitch out that is going to belong to your home décor, your gifts, or anything else that you such as. These can add an existing special emotion to the whole holiday season. Who wouldn’t such as their name embroidered on top of their favorite stocking or stitched out on top of the star at the top that belongs to the Christmas tree? Personalization, as well as customization, surely add an existing new element to things as well as at the time where you add it to gifts that you is going to exist as a giving, it adds an existing new kind that belongs to smile on top of the faces that belongs to those you happen to be gifting these too. The holiday season happens to be every single one about sharing, caring, as well as spreading joy. Let us do it together.

Check out some digitized embroidery designs that belong to names:

In the possibility that you do not find the names that belong to your choice on top of our list, you can get yours customized by us. Every single one you need to do happens to send us your requirements here at capital digitizing.

We do bulk embroidery digitizing as well as vector zing (whichever you prefer) that belongs to any image that is going to belong to you. We pride ourselves on top of our quality that belongs to work as well as the turn-around time that we take to complete the task.