Many people think digitizing for embroidery as simple as uploading your image on a computer. And assign the digitizing to the machine. but it is not like that. The digitizers take the image in jpg and png format. Then change it into an embroidery file. The embroidery file type is decided by the type of embroidery machine. That you’ll use.

The basic steps of digitizing

For emb digitizing our keen digitizers follow the below steps:

Step1: Upload Logo To The Digitizing for embroidery Software

We @capital digitizing, are using wilcom software. For digitizing for embroidery. Our digitizers convert the image into jpg or png format .then cut the excess space around the image.

Step 2: Set The Size Of Embroidery Design

Then we mark the size of the embroidered logo or design .this will be exact design size .that would come out as sew out on the cloth .

Step3: Choose The Stitch Type

In digitizing for embroidery, each design is allot to some type of stitch. The basic types of stitches are: satin, run, and fill stitches. There’re changing in the designs. Which rely on the type of stitch. It also rely on direction of the stitch and time. At which it must start. And at which it stop.

We also think about the cloth type. And the push and pull effect of the cloth. When select the stitch types.

Step4: Set The Direction Of Stitch

Diff types of stitches. Which are named above. They can be used. As per the texture of the design. This is one of the most imp step in embroidery digitizing .which can’t skip. This step if skipped .then it could invite the unwanted cuts. Fine stitch direction is time saving for capital digitizing.

Step 5: Setting Thred Colors For Embroidery

Emb digitizers paint with stitches .they select the colors for emb from the color bar.

Step 6: Transfer The File To The Embrodery Machine

Then our digitizers transfer the emb file. In the format of dst,exp,jef etc to emb machine .they done it by a usb cable. It can also be done by a flash card. Or direct by their computers. In which the embroidery software runs.

Step 7: Preparing The Embroidery Machine To Start Embroidery

Our digitizers then, select the right needles, thread and colors. Then they position the cloth in the digitizing for embroidery frames .and then slide them into the arms of embroidery machine.

Step 8: The Embroidery Sew Out

Capital digitizers go to the machines. In order to bring out a sew out for their embroidered logo. if the alter is needed .then they fix it. So, they’re ready to embroider products with fine digitized logos. Capital digitizing also gives the free 1st sample of the digitized logo or design. But, on the client’s demand. So what do you wait for? We’re here 24/7.