Create the perfect Customisable packaging for your product with our endless design, shape, and print options.

Customisable Packaging Boxes – Printing and Design

From die creation to prototyping and design, we’ve got you covered.

  • Style – Printing for Less specializes in bringing your custom box to life. We have a library of hundreds of fully customizable box templates.
  • Size – From small to large, we can accommodate almost any size box.
  • Paper – We have a variety of paper types, thicknesses, and finishes available. Our packaging experts will help you make the right choice for your box.
  • Special Effects – Embossing, die cutting and foil stamping available on most boxes.
  • Prototyping – 3D proofing and fully functioning prototypes available. You can even send us your products so we can design your box to the exact size.
  • Fulfillment – Assembly, inventory control, kitting labor and logistics for you or your customer.
  • Quantities – Short to medium runs starting at 250.

Tips for Creating Great Packaging

There’s a science behind great packaging and factors like design, materials, construction, and functionality all work together in a precise formula. Now ask yourself, does your formula equate to a lasting impression? Use these guidelines to create the best packaging for your product.

The Personality Test

A good design reflects the personality and characteristics of your brand, with the potential to be in existence for a long time.

Serve and Protect

There’s no point in creating a beautiful package if it can’t protect your product. Box construction, specialized materials, and wear testing are part of a good R&D strategy. The weight, dimensions, and physical make up of your product all dictate the appropriate architecture of the package.

Don’t Be a Square

The shape of the box should first and foremost address protection, but additionally shapes and unique angles can stand out in a crowd. We aren’t saying create a mini replica of the Eiffel Tower, but subtle design differences from the standard box can immediately stand out from a sea of squares.

Shiny Objects

Color and design features play a huge part in attracting interest. A high-gloss finish or specific vibrant Pantone spot color can add that extra splash of appeal. While an embossed or foil-stamped logo tempts the sense of touch.

Childproof Locks

Functionality is incredibly important. If you’ve ever wrestled with one of those plastic vacuum sealed packages with no viable entry without a hacksaw, then you’re aware of this fact already. Aside from protection, it should be intuitive without excessive wasted space or material and the customer shouldn’t break a sweat trying to open it.

The Sky is Falling

Plan for the elements and don’t feel like you’re overthinking this. If your packaging could potentially sit out in the rain or snow then think through materials that will keep your product dry and happy. If you think there’s possibility for prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, consider a UV coating.

K-I-S-S It

Keep it simple… (we’re not calling you stupid). Text and images should add to the overall appeal, without giving the reader eye strain. Simple and hard hitting text will convey your brand, products or contents in those critical six seconds. Other things to think about are contact information, product size or dimensions, social marketing tags, and green practices that went into the product and or package.

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