Custom Woven Patches

Custom Woven Patches are the most common type of patches. Woven Patches thread are very thinner than normal patches. Stitched without a stop or any trim. In order to have a detailed design. If you want your logo to look the best. And that also inspire the viewers. Then this type of patch is the best pick.

They are a good choice if your img can’t get emb due to very fine detail or small letters. Or that you want to pop. Then pick up Woven Patches. To achieve a clean, crisp, graphic style. Thinner thread is the beauty of woven patches. Also, no drag stitch is used b/w letters on this patch. When your design is turned into a woven patch. Then the threads are stitch for a high detail result. The best part of this patch which it gives to the digitizer is that it is flexible.

But, the short woven designs need skilled hands. In order to skip any hassle.

Custom Woven Patches

Capital digitizing makes quality woven patches. Which are long lasting as well as have style. It also gives you peace of mind. And a level of content. We give these patches at low rates. So what do you wait for? we are here for you 24/7. You will just worth it.

Custom Woven Patches Product Detail

            • Woven patches up to 12 colors on one label
            • Gradient colors; metallic gold & silver
            • Back side with iron-on/ paper or adhesive back/ Velcro
            • Borders can be laser cut, heat cut and over locked

After these patches come out. They’re at hand with plastic, heat seal, and adhesive backing. They’re at hand in just any shape and can be up to 7″ in size.

Quality and expert work is our aim. So, send the request about these Patches to our sales staff .You will just worth it!

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