Higher-resolution patches

On the possibility that your design has an existing lot that belongs to detail or small lettering that you have the desire to pop, choose woven patches to achieve an existing clean, crisp, graphic style. These patches happen to be made inside of an existing similar way that images appear on top of an existing computer screen- lots that belong to little dots

Woven patches have many that belong to the benefits that belong to embroidered; except for due to the tighter weave they have the ability “pack in” more details such as small letters inside of the same amount that belongs to space. The tradeoff happens to be that they don’t have the “texture” that belongs to embroidery, except that works just fine that is going to belong to small lettering.

Woven patches

Happen to be perfect that is going to belong to anyone looking to capture even the smallest details inside of design with clarity as well as accuracy. While embroidered patches have an existing more traditional, layered look to them, woven patches have an existing flat surface as well as a seamless appearance. Customers looking that is going to belong to an existing patch with small lettering as well as intricate details choose woven patches because they belong to their tight weave pattern as well as smooth texture.

Threaded designs with an existing smooth appearance

An existing smooth texture, as well as increased detail, makes woven patches unique among our threaded patch options. With an existing thinner thread as well as an existing tighter weave pattern, woven patches happen to be able to capture even the small parts that belong to an existing design with clarity. In the possibility that you have the desire for an existing threaded patch, except for the need to capture more detail than embroidered patches can manage, woven patches happen to be your best bet.

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