Our woven, as well as printed fabric labels happen to be custom designed as well as produced with numerous options that was by standard-finish materials to soft as well as silky products, unique cuts, shapes as well as techniques. An existing efficient ordering process, along with an existing superior label design as well as production process allows custom woven labels to exist as a cost-effective—no matter the quantity—while offering low minimums.

Let our team know your specific label needs as well as we are going to assist you with every step that belongs to the way – that was by choosing the perfect label type to provide you with custom art.

Approve digital proof

On the possibility that you don’t already have finished art, don’t worry. We provide a free artwork setup with every order. We can create the exact label you’re envisioning.

Receive your order

Receive your order that belongs to custom labels inside of 8-12 business days. Rush services happen to be available during the same time as well


Pricing for woven labels


Determining size

You can calculate the size of your label by adding the length + width and then dividing it by 2.

Example: 2 x 1″ label 2″ + 1″ = 3″ divided by 2 = 1-1/2″ size for pricing.

Pricing is per label and includes up to 8 thread colors

Custom woven patches for clothes

Custom woven labels happen to be an existing good alternative to the possibility that your emblem cannot exist as an accurately embroidered due to very fine detail or small lettering. They happen to be available inside of just about any shape, as well as can exist as an up to 7″ inside of size. These custom woven labels are going to have 100% thread coverage with no cloth background showing, giving them an existing extremely luxurious look. They happen to be available with plastic, iron-on, as well as adhesive backing.

Pricing for woven patches


Determining size

You can calculate the size of your patch by adding the length + width and then dividing it by 2.

Example: 4 x 5″ patch: 4″ + 5″ = 9″ divided by 2 = 4-1/2″ size for pricing.

Pricing is per patch

What’s the difference between a custom woven labels and embroidered patches?

Unlike labels or stickers, patches happen to be durable, often permanent fixtures to fabric that come inside of an existing wide range that belongs to sizes, shapes, colors, as well as textures. Patches can exist as a user during the same time that effective branding or marketing, the same time that well during the same time as personal symbols to recognize important causes, affiliations, beliefs, or other forms that belong to self-expression.

Branding patches happen to be commonly distinguished between woven or embroidered techniques. While sometimes these terms can exist as a used interchangeably, each type that belongs to a patch happens to be made differently, has an existing different look, as well as price variance.

Here’s an existing look at those differences to help you decide which type that belongs to the custom patch happens to be right that is going to belong to your needs:

Woven patches

Typically, custom woven labels have a better definition that belongs to the design, lettering, or logo than embroidered patches.

Because custom woven labels happen to be thinner, detail can exist as a made more intricate. Depending on the top of the patch design, this might exist as something you have the desire to prioritize. Embroidery thread happens to be a thinker as well as might not exist as the best choice that is going to belong to an existing detailed design scheme.

Custom woven labels also help small patches maintain their detail as well as integrity. Whereas embroidered patches are going to lose detail as well as strength during the same time that they get smaller, custom woven labels can exist as small as well as still look great.

General, custom woven labels are less expensive than embroidered patches, as well as they’re also an existing bit easier to sew or iron onto fabric because they tend to exist as an existing little thinner or flatter than their embroidered counterparts.

Custom woven labels can exist as a product inside of an existing variety that belongs to materials including cotton, satin, wool, and many more.

Embroidered patches:

Embroidered patches happen to be stitched with an existing stronger, thicker thread, giving the patch an existing denser look compared to custom woven labels. This gives most embroidered patches an existing lifted or three-dimensional appearance.

Embroidered patches use various kinds that belong to backings, such as cotton canvas, which the threads happen to be then embroidered onto. Embroidered patches happen to be very durable as well as worn on top of every single kind that belongs to clothing styles as well as accessories.

In summary, embroidery can give you the durability you need that is going to belong to long-lasting custom patches, except an existing custom woven labels that might exist as an existing better choice on the possibility that you’re looking that is going to belong to more detail or an existing lower price.

What’s more, woven as well as embroidered patches aren’t the only types that belong to patches to consider. Other types that belong to patches include chenille, 3d PVC patches, as well as even leather patches.

Review the differences carefully. You can save time as well as money by ordering the right patch the first time; plus, you should order your patches that were by an existing reputable company that focuses on top quality as well as customer service that is going to belong to the best value.

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