Custom Pvc Patches


Custom PVC Patches

You may get the idea from the name of what custom PVC patches are? As it says itself, PVC patches are the alternative to the modern emb patches. They’re made with a special type of plastic stuff. So that they can resist rain, snow, dirt, and much more.

Moreover, they never fade and crack. They also never peel. These patches come in endless colors and designs. You can make customized PVC patches of any shape. PVC is long-lasting. Cold and heat are no match for 2D or 3D PVC patches. Due to the flexible and long-lasting stuff they’ve. They’re used on various military and police gear. And for many more options. Apart from the long last, they’re stylish as well.

So get your artwork patched up with CAPITAL DIGITIZING today. We have a large team of digitizers. Who can change your work into something eye-catching? So, order your PVC patches today!



This style of patch is ideal for jackets, hats, and bags. Best of all, we can custom shape .And color PVC in a way that appeal the public


Fixing PVC patches to the cloth or other stuff is easy. Sew, glue, or Velcro them onto the stuff. The ability to remove the patch. And then place it on other cloth. It gear appeals to many of our clients. That’s why Velcro backing remains popular.


Here are some of our clients. Who use PVC patches for uniforms:

            • Military Units
            • Police Departs
            • Girl  and Boy Scouts
            • Fire Departs
            • EMTs
            • Highway Patrol
            • Outdoor Sports
            • Hikers, Bikers, Fishermen

You may have a use for custom PVC patches. That we didn’t list. That shows you how versatile our new products are. Let us know. what you think to do with your soft PVC patches. To sum up, you’ll just worth it to order them.

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