Custom PVC labels are soft rubber or silicone labels and tags that won’t blur or go to pieces, custom PVC labels with logos can be engraved, emblazoned, and printed. Contrasted and woven labels, they are more tough and can endure a wide range of climate. Custom PVC labels call Polyvinyl Chloride, too. And our customized clothing labels are soft and rubbery to the touch. Therefore, they are ideal for clothing such as swimwear.

We supply custom PVC labels for fashion clothing brands. By adding sewing channels to the name, they are not difficult to sew on any item. Also, you can imprint, embellish or print your logo and brand name on it. Thus, it can help them construct and advance their image. You can use them by sewing, Velcro, self-adhesive, soft magnet backings. So, just attach them in your way.

Custom PVC labels for clothing and outdoor fits


In addition, they are suitable for businesses with outdoor products. Such as canvas, vinyl, and many other materials. However, they can not only be ideal for clothing products. Such as swimwear, snow jackets, and backpacks. They can match with many products that can withstand weather as well.

Both straightforward Custom PVC labels and stickers and silicone labels have a place with rubber labels. Likewise, they appear to be identical, however unique. Custom PVC labels have various classes. Like ROHS, 6P, 15P. Be that as it may, 15P is the most eco-accommodating class than silicone labels. To customize rubber tags for open air work apparel or child clothing, so you simply pick soft PVC labels.

As suppliers and manufacturers, we have the skillful tech to make Custom PVC labels and tags. So, we wholesale customizable PVC & rubber & silicone clothing labels global wide. Such as the USA, the UK, Canada, Japan, South Africa, etc. But, we also manufacture fabric labels. Printed labels, and woven labels. Please contact us if you want to customize all the labels. And our sales expert will reply to you soon and give you the best price.

Why do you need to use soft PVC clothing labels?

Promote your products to stand out from the markets.

You can make transparent, translucent, and 3D logo-raised custom PVC labels. And it will be helpful for your sales!

Create your personality!

Personality and creation make everything! Personalized labels help attract customers’ attention!

Improve your brand image.

A very much planned, eye-getting mark will basically bring possible customers. Besides, it cultivates loyal customer resources to the brand!

The difference between Custom PVC labels and silicone labels

In appearance

Custom PVC labels are rougher than silicone products, yet the surface of silicone products is smooth and colored.

Judging from the hand feel

Silicone products are soft, with good toughness and elasticity. But, the soft PVC is relatively less hard. And the hardness of both can be adjusted, but PVC has no toughness.


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2. The quantity you want. Our MOQ is 100pcs.
3. Please send us your logo file if you need to add a logo. If not, we offer free design for you.

Custom PVC labels for Fashion Brands

Product Details

Size/color/shape: as per customer’s request.

Material: soft PVC

Logo: The logo can be embossed/debossed on both sides.

Packing: Inner packing with PP bag, outer packing with export carton

Texture: Flexible and Soft labels

MOQ: 100 PHS

Product Features

Great Quality

Fade Resistant

Custom Size

Roll & Cut-to-Size

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Product Overview

Custom PVC labels for Clothing are used on garments such as swimwear and your LOGO can be engraved, embossed, and printed. They are soft rubber or silicone labels & tags that do not fade away or fall apart. On the off chance that your Custom PVC labels for your new image, you hit the pinpoint center as fashioner logos can be engraved, emblazoned, and imprinted on them.

Custom PVC labels are likewise named Polyvinyl Chloride labels, they help to lay out and advance your image name. Both Custom PVC labels and silicone labels have a place with the class of soft rubber labels; they appear to be identical however are unique. Custom PVC labels have various classes like ROHS, 6P, and 15P with which 15P being the most harmless to the ecosystem class than silicone labels. To customize rubber labels for cold and intensity opposition outside work dress or child clothing, pick silicon labels. Additionally, go for PVC labels..

Why do you need to use soft PVC clothing labels?

Compared to woven labels, Custom PVC labels printing will not fade or unravel, they are more durable to withstand almost every type of weather, repetitive use, and abuse. Therefore, they are often used by manufacturers of outdoor products with canvas, vinyl, and many other materials. In addition, they are also used on clothing products such as swimwear, snowsuits, and backpacks along with a long list of products deemed weather resistant. They are sewn onto clothing such as hats, bags, sweatshirts, jackets, etc.

The Difference between Custom PVC labels and Ordinary Labels

Custom PVC labels are longer in size compared to ordinary labels

Directly stitches to the clothing, the original label share simply stuck to the product

Unlike original labels, they are not limited to 2D designs

Provides information about the source of the product, the manufacturer

Internationally recognized standards

To make it easier QR codes can be found on PVC labels

Details of PVC labels

Size/color/shape: as per customer’s request.

Material: soft PVC

Workmanship: the shape is fixed by a 3D mold.

Logo: The logo can be embossed/debussed on both sides.

Packing: Inner packing with PP bag, outer packing with export carton

Texture: Flexible and Soft labels

PVCs are laser cut

MOQ: 100 PHS

Photos of Customised Custom PVC labels for Fashion Brand

Where to buy PVC labels? And why Choose Us?

There are several platforms online and offline but as professional PVC label manufacturers, The-LY can be your spot for the best affordable labels. We ship worldwide, to big countries like the USA, the UK, Canada, Japan, South Africa, India, etc. You can receive a free sample from us about your designs before ordering in bulk to save you money and time. Your satisfaction is Ly’s motto. We also have professionals who can advise you on your design.


Reference sample from our photo gallery or other places.

The quantity you want. Our MOQ is 100pcs.

Your logo or your design if you have

Professional assistance in choosing the ideal design

Custom PVC labels are the special tags for clothing; they are usually sewn on the clothing, hats, shoes, canvas covers, bags, and sweatshirts to promote the brand image. PVC mark is made of soft PVC rubber, which is truly important for garments. There is a circle of sewing groove around the PVC name, which can be utilized to sew the PVC mark on garments. It can likewise be appended to objects by twofold sided sticky tape.

PVC labels

Where can you Use PVC labels?

Custom PVC labels for clothing are usually sewn on the outside of jackets, T-shirts, casual shoes; canvas covers, sweatshirts, and bags to promote the brand image.

Clothing enterprises usually make Custom PVC labels according to their brand name, logo, or mascot. The enterprise will also use some enterprise characteristics of the pattern to design PVC labels.

The Contrast between Custom PVC labels and Normal Labels

A typical mark is a piece of paper, plastic film, fabric, metal, or other material joined to a holder or item with printed or composed data about the item. The size and style of the normal labels are restricted by the material and innovation; most are printed with data as a plane name.

Custom PVC labels are not the same as different materials, and Custom PVC labels last longer than different labels. Furthermore, PVC labels is generally straightforwardly sewed on the dress, in spite of the fact that there are a not many that are stuck on the item or bundling. Because of innovative benefits, the realistic style of the PVC labels isn’t restricted; conspicuous 2D examples or three-layered 3D illustrations can be accomplished for PVC labels.

The Usage of PVC label

Labels have many USES, including providing information about the source of the product, the manufacturer (such as brand name), use, shelf life, and disposal, some or all of which may be governed by the UK or our food laws, etc.

Production methods and packaging appendages of different products are varied and may be subject to different internationally recognized standards. In many countries, dangerous products such as toxic or flammable liquids must have warning labels.

Due to the particularity of its material, PVC labels, compared with paper, can be used for clothing, shoes, hats, and bags. Of course, it can also be used for product packaging. Its main function is to promote the brand and build brand image. The manufacturer will also provide a QR code on the PVC label for the seller to scan the code to identify the authenticity of the brand.

Custom PVC labels on T-shirts

The Advantages of PVC labels

Why is a PVC label suitable for clothing labels? PVC is made of soft PVC rubber, so its texture is very soft. Through the course of drop rubber, infuse variety into the example, so it doesn’t blur, and not be flabby. A large portion of the Custom PVC labels are sewn on the garments. If customers don’t like the clothing labels they buy, they can easily remove the labels by cutting the stitches by themselves.

PVC label is not limited by technology; all kinds of styles and sizes can be customized, including the transparent luminous label. And it is non-toxic, has a long service life, and the production cost is very cheap. Custom PVC labels can be clothing accessories and decorations on the garment. So the PVC label has a great market value.

Transparent PVC label

The Disadvantages of PVC label

Although the PVC label has so many advantages, it does not mean that it is a perfect product. It is different from the metal label that can accept long-term sun exposure and is not resistant to high temperatures, so it is not suitable to use for products with high temperatures or in a high-temperature environment.

If you are a clothing manufacturer, and you need to customize a large number of clothing labels; we suggest you choose PVC labels. Superior PVC label manufacturers will produce high-quality PVC labels based on customer demand. We might want to suggest GS-JJ, GS-JJ Organization is a fantastic and proficient maker of PVC labels. They have more than ten years of experience in manufacturing custom PVC patches, and they have signed a long-term cooperation agreement with many well-known clothing manufacturers. If you are interested, please refer to for more details.

PVC Patch is an evolution of embroidered cloth. It is a PVC badge and a PVC label. PVC patch made of PVC soft rubber, it is very soft and not easy to deformed, is not easy to fade, it is durable and it has a long service life. PVC patch also functions like an embroidery sticker and is mainly used as a clothing accessory. Our common PVC patches usually have a Velcro on the back of them, and we can sew the PVC patches on our clothing with Velcro.

Velcro PVC Patches

1. Velcro PVC Patches

Velcro, the business term is known as the mother button. It is a sort of interfacing extra normally utilized in gear clothing. It is divided into two sides of the hook and loop: one side is a soft fiber, and the other side is an elastic fiber with a spur. When the loop and hook are interlocked, the elastic hook is straightened, loosened from the loop to open it, and then restored to the original hook type.

There are two general situations in the market for Velcro PVC patches: hook and loop fasteners PVC Patches and Loop PVC patches.

Hook and loop

A. Hook and loop fasteners PVC Patches

We often call the Hook and loop fasteners PVC Patches Velcro PVC patches. The double-sided Velcro comes with hook and loop fasteners, which were sewn with a hook piece behind the Velcro PVC patch and it also comes with a loop piece. The circled piece should be visible on the gear and afterward the PVC patch with the snare piece can be connected to the circle pieces. The Snare and circle clasp permit the PVC patches to be immovably appended to the piece of clothing, making the Velcro simple to separate and security. The piece of clothing has a circle piece that can be supplanted with various PVC patches with one snare piece. That is a solitary sided snare PVC patch.

Hook and loop fasteners PVC Patches

Bohol fasteners PVC Patches

The one-sided Velcro PVC patch only has a loop piece with no hook attached. Such a PVC patch can be attached to a woolen coat or a sweater, but since the plush of the garment is different from the loop piece, it is easy to damage the woolen garment. Therefore, you should pay attention to the materials when choosing to use them. Single-sided Velcro PVC patch eliminates the cost of round flakes. You only need to have a piece of hook piece, all the loop pieces of PVC patches can be replaced at will, which saves the cost and has accessories that can change the clothing.

Hook fasteners PVC Patches

Usually, the hook pieces will be sewn on the PVC patches, and the loop pieces that are as soft as the clothing will be sewn on the clothes. Because the hook pieces are hard with hooks, they can damage the wool when machine-washed with the wool garment, so in most cases, we need to separate them for cleaning. The hook piece with a PVC patch only needs to be cleaned with water, and the loop piece can be washed together with the clothing.

2. Self-adhesive PVC Patches

Self-adhesive PVC Patches

Self-adhesive PVC patches, its front side is a PVC patch, and its backside is double-faced adhesive tape. Double-sided tape is disposable, so it can only be used once and cannot be reused. Such PVC patches are generally used as labels and stickers in packaging and products. Double-sided tape PVC patches can be made into the company’s logo to paste in shoes, bags, and cups as decorations and accessories; PVC patches can also be used as move advertisements to paste on gifts and so on. This kind of PVC patches cost is lower than the cost of Velcro PVC patches, and it can also prevent the inconvenience caused by secondary use as a label.

3. No Attachment PVC Patches

No attachment PVC patch is a patch without any attachments. But it likes other Velcro PVC patches; it has a sew-on grooved around the frame. This sew-on groove is thinner than PVC patches themselves. It can be used to sew the Velcro, or it can be used to directly sew the PVC patch on the garment. Usually, garment factories will customize such PVC patches without any accessories, and they will be sewing them on the clothes as labels or decorations. Because the PVC patch is soft, durable, non-deformable, and does not fade, it can be machine washed with clothes.

No Attachment PVC Patches

Have you already known these three different configurations of PVC patches? If you have more questions, you can visit our website at We are happy to answer your questions. If you need to buy custom PVC patches, you can choose our GS-JJ is a gift manufacturer with rich experience. We have our factories, we strictly control the production and selection of materials, and we only produce high-quality products for our customers. To thank our customers for their support, you can contact our online customer service to place an order, and we will offer discounts for you. You are welcome to come to the inquiry order.

Couple PVC Keychain

The keychain is mainly to help connect the keys, effectively preventing the loss caused by the fragmentation of the key chain. Manufacturers often produce key rings with different styles of accessories. One way is to decorate a wide variety of keys, and the second is to make the keychain more conspicuous so that you can easily find it. Why don’t you use it to declare your love? The PVC key chain is an excellent choice. It not only has a wide range of styles, but also has many advantages, and you can have it made to your design. It is safe and non-toxic and is evenly colored. It is also very resistant to dirt, and it remains relatively clean even if you leave the PVC keychain at will.

Couple PVC Keychain

A couple of PVC luggage tags

For couples who want to spend the rest of their lives traveling together and going to different places to experience good times, the couple PVC luggage tag has played a role at this time. Such goods will not be highly ostentatious, but they will also reveal the deep love between your loved ones. Choosing the same kind of item and making it into two different colors is also a good way to use it as a couple’s jewelry.

A couple of PVC luggage tags

Couple PVC coasters

Do you want to try to engrave the cartoon characters of the two of you into the PVC coaster; so that you can the coaster has become more romantic? The following product is an example. It is made by an epoxy process that makes the pattern look more colorful.

Couple PVC coasters

If you are interested in this proposal, I would like to recommend a reliable PVC manufacturer: GS-JJ. GS-JJ is a well-received gift maker that brings a variety of beautiful, creative crafts to people. It can not only provide the above types of PVC products but also related to PVC labels, PVC magnets, and other commodities. Of course, what most people are happy to say is that it always exchanges high-quality products for the cheap price paid by customers.

What is a Commercial PVC Coaster?

Business napkins are explicitly those that are expected by the organization to print a progression of publicizing content like corporate substance labels, mottos, logos, and so forth. These coasters are used to help companies promote corporate culture and establish a corporate image. We all know that now that the market is fiercely competitive and wants to stand out from the rest, it must start with the details.

Water is the source of all things. People can’t live without drinking water every day. Drinking water can’t be separated from cups. The coasters also play a big role. So many companies decided to focus on the coaster. The coaster made of PVC material has low cost, is non-flammable, has high strength, weather resistance, and has excellent geometric stability. It also has high-temperature resistance, is non-toxic and harmless, friction large, heat-insulating, and many other advantages that have made it the first choice for many companies.

Commercialized Coasters can be roughly divided into the Following Categories:

1. PVC Coasters with Relevant Corporate Culture Labels

This type of PVC coaster is printed with informational materials that help companies to explain the instructions. As shown below, this is a PVC coaster customized by Gyu-Kaku, a famous Japanese chain restaurant. It’s a roast beef restaurant with a cow theme, and the meat on different parts of the cow body will be used to make a variety of exquisite dishes. However, many customers do not necessarily have a full understanding of each part of the cow, which will cause many customers to blindly choose foods, and finally eat foods that are not suitable for their taste, thus directly reducing the favorability of this restaurant, affecting enterprises Image.

The cleverness of this company is that it combines the PVC coaster with its corporate content, prints a cow on the custom PVC coaster, and marks the different parts of the cow with the corresponding names, which makes the customer can learn it at once and can better choice of the part they like as a dish to help improve the dining comfort, thereby enhancing the corporate image.

Gyu-Kaku PVC Coaster

2. PVC Coaster with a Slogan

This type of custom PVC Coaster is printed with the core words of the corporate culture. Every business has a cultural slogan to symbolize itself. For example, the slogan of sports brand Li-Ning is anything is possible! Adidas’s slogan is Impossible is nothing! These slogans are meant to showcase the company’s ideas. The picture below is a cyber security company slogan: Respect Self & Others. Its purpose is to appeal to the masses to create a healthy network.

Respect Self PVC Coaster

3. PVC Coaster with Logo

The use of this custom PVC coaster can help the company with identification and promotion, through the image of the logo to let consumers remember the company’s main body and brand culture. These coasters are usually printed with logo text and a brand pattern corresponding to the logo. Take Starbucks as an example: Starbucks is the world’s largest coffee chain. By 2006, Starbucks had more than 9,000 chain stores worldwide. “Starbucks” and logo pattern with two-tailed mermaid has long been popular and remembered by each one.

Starbucks PVC coaster

4. PVC Coaster with Contact Information

This type of PVC coaster is generally printed with the telephone, address, and other contact information of one company or store. The provision of telephones enables customers to consult business more conveniently, and relevant personnel can solve customer confusion promptly, which can increase the customer’s goodwill towards the company. At the same time, the provision of telephones is also convenient for customers to make appointments, which not only saves customers time spent on the journey but also promotes a more orderly organization of the business. The availability of the address can also help customers find the corresponding store faster and promote customer spending.

How to Customize Commercial PVC Coasters?

If you want to customize a commercial PVC coaster, be sure to look for a manufacturing factory that meets your needs in many directions. ™ is a very good choice. ™ is a professional PVC coaster maker. It has many years of experience in the production of PVC products and can grasp the precision of product production. The PVC coaster maker has very complete and advanced PVC coaster machining equipment that reduces the error between each product to less than 0.008. ™ has led a group of outstanding design teams, bringing exquisite PVC products to thousands of customers and receiving consistent praise. It also sells many excellent PVC products on, and you can visit them at any time. Here, you can directly order the products displayed on the websites or tell our excellent team about your ideas. We will help you design a custom PVC coaster style that suits your wishes. After the style is settled, we will send the drawings to the factory for production. The materials selected in the factory are all medical grade PVC soft rubber, which will create a high-quality, beautifully formed custom PVC coaster. When all the goods are produced and inspected, they will be delivered to your hands as quickly as possible. It is worth mentioning that purchasing custom PVC coasters has no minimum on which helps the buyer save a lot of purchase funds.