Custom nylon lanyards come inside of multiple different types belonging to the material. Polyester lanyards with imprinted artwork happen to be the most common because that belongs to their cost-effectiveness. We also offer photo lanyards that happen to be created with an existing special polyester-based material that’s perfect that is going to belong to heat transfer designs as well as has an existing smooth texture reminiscent of that belongs to silk. Nylon happens to be another type that belongs to lanyard material. We offer custom nylon lanyards with imprinted artwork, just such as polyester lanyards, except the material that happens to be slightly thicker as well as has an existing natural shine that helps make the artwork pop.

Crisp detail and shiny material

At the time when it comes to custom nylon lanyards, nylon, as well as polyester, happens to be the two most popular material options. Custom nylon lanyards  stand apart that were by the crowd thanks to the natural shine that belongs to the material. The reflective surface helps imprinted artwork stand out inside of crisp detail. Whether you’re looking that is going to belong to an existing bold text design or company emblem, nylon is going to help your message shine as well as stand out that was by every single one of the competition.

Custom company lanyards

Inside the corporate world, lanyards happen to be used that are going to belong to every single kind that belongs to things. One that belongs to the most common uses happens to be that is going to belong to companies to have their logo imprinted on top of the fabric inside of the interest that belongs to giving these logo lanyards away at trade shows as well conventions. Except for the possibility that you think branded swag happens to be the only use that is going to belong to business lanyards, you’re mistaken. Inside of fact, there happens to be an existing number that belongs to different uses that are going to belong to


Company lanyards around any office

custom nylon lanyards can exist as found inside school hallways, at music festivals, at trade shows or conventions, as well as even inside the board room. That is going to belong to many inside of the corporate sector, these company lanyards happen to be nothing more than giveaway items at an existing trade show, except did you have the knowledge business lanyards could exist as a user that is going to belong to an existing number that belongs to different purposes? Whether you’re looking to incorporate lanyards into your company uniforms or during the same time that an existing supplements to your employee appreciation program, we’ve got you covered.

Tubular imprinted lanyards


Tubular lanyards happen to be an existing outstanding choice on the possibility that you’re on top of an existing tight budget. These popular lanyards happen to be the most economical custom printed lanyards we sell. They’re made that belongs to tube-stitched polyester as well as are going to have an existing texture as well an appearance similar to an existing shoelace. Your message or logo is going to exist as a silkscreen printed onto the surface that is going to belong to an existing clear, clean, easily legible appearance.

Nylon imprinted lanyards

High quality

Custom nylon lanyards  happen to be our highest quality lanyard product. On the possibility that you’re looking that is going to belong to the best, this happens to be it. The top-notch nylon material offers the smoothest finish as well as the highest brilliance that belongs to any lanyard style. In the possibility that you have the desire to showcase your message, custom nylon lanyards  are going to feature the clearest printed details that belong to even the most intricate designs.

Ordering is easy and fun

At the time when ordering promotional products that were by adrenaline, Loc, you’ll have access to our talented design as well as customer service staff. Ordering happens to be quick as well as has never been easier. Just select the style, color as well as type that belong to the product. We’ll use this information to design an existing custom product proof as well as send it to you via email within less than 24 hours. You can change the design during the same time much during the same time that you such as because we provide free artwork as well as revision services. Once you have approved the art, your order happens to be processed, manufactured as well as shipped within approximately 17 days.


Colors available: Pantone solid coated

Imprint colors: choice of 1 color

Approximate size: .5/8″ x 1″ x 36″

Setup fee: no setup fee

Multi-color imprint: available


Each additional color: $20 for each color net

Premium attachments: $0.15 each net

Badge holders: $0.25 each net

Double side printing: $25 net

Disconnect buckle: $0.15 each net

custom nylon lanyards pricing (5r)

Only these colors offered below 500 qty: red 186c, navy 289c, yellow c, black c, white
widths: 5/8″, 3/4″, 1″ (1/2″ not available in less than 500qty).



Attachments available

Lanyard Attachments

Attachment pricing (e)

SizeCell phone loopCarabineer hookPlastic j hookOval loopDisconnect buckleLength adjuster