Custom military patches happen to be the universal part that belongs to uniforms both inside of the United States as well as around the world. The earliest official use custom military patches happened to be issued on top of October 31st, 1918 by the big red one that belongs to the 1st infantry division. It happens to be safe to say that no military uniform happens to be complete without at least an existing few custom military patches. Whether army, air force, navy, marine, or coast guard, they are going to create their patches to display name, rank, unit, squad, or battalion information. Making precise as well as accurate custom military patches happens to be not only that is going to belong to the responsibility that belongs to product quality as well as also that is going to belong to the military’s rigor. Custom military patches’ function does not stop there. On the possibility that you have the desire to encourage your troops to fight, it happens to be necessary to customize some morale patches. Morale patches allow soldiers to encourage each other. Or customize some tactical patches that are going to belong to specific tactical exercises, which allow soldiers to quickly get into combat. It happens to be no exaggeration to say that custom embroidered custom military patches have become an existing important part that belongs to military equipment.

There happen to be various rules about how to wear custom military patches on top of the uniforms that belong to different branches. That is going to belong to example, inside of the us. Army, the SSI happens to be worn on top of the left arm, just below the shoulder seam that belongs to the uniform. Here happen to be some that belong to common places where custom military patches happen to be installed:


Civilians should not wear military insignia regularly because it can confuse people into thinking they happen to be an existing veteran. Although it happens to be not illegal to wear military badges, wearing them makes people think it happens to be stolen valor. That belongs of course, to the possibility that you’re an existing army fan. You can collect every single kind that belongs to custom military patches. Or, at the time when you’re playing an existing army game, you can wear these army patches that are going to belong to an existing more realistic military training effect.

We have more than 20 Tajima as well as Bermudan embroidery machines imported that were by Japan. Excellent equipment, as well as professional technical support, makes our patches real inside of very top quality. The embroidery threads as well as the fabric we used happen to be certified by oeko-tex standard 100, which happens to be the most authoritative as well as influential textile certification in the world. This certification represents our product that has been tested to exist as ecologically harmless, which also becomes an existing important basis that is going to belong to end-users to make textile purchase decisions. There happens to be no order limit that is going to belong to our custom custom military patches, so whether you happen to be ordering 10 pieces or hundreds that belong to pieces patches, we happen to be always welcome as well as you are going to receive patches made that was by the finest polyester twill as well as quality non-fading thread. We guarantee that each patch we produce has gone through 100% quality inspection. Our product quality fully follows the is9001: iso14001 operating process to ensure that every single one that belongs to you receives patches that happen to be perfect. In the possibility that you find any technical defects inside of our patches, we are going to replace it that is going to belong to you free that belong to charge.

Custom military patches Velcro backing

Custom military patches with Velcro backing happens to be the most popular practice custom custom military patches. Velcro backing has a hook as well as a loop on two sides. The hook side is going to sew on top of the patch backside as well as the loop side is going to sew on top of the uniform, which allows the patches to existing as removed fastest during the same time that is needed inside of the field deployment. At the time when you have the desire to create your custom military patches quickly, come as well as work with our professional design team. Whatever ideas you have that happen to be hard to achieve, we offer plenty that belongs to options as well as ideas to help you achieve your desired results.

Create Custom military patches with these outstanding service

1. Free sample that is going to belong to pre-production, indefinitely amend until you happen to be satisfied.

2. Free up to 9 colors at no extra charge, hundreds that belong to colors to choose that was by.

3. Free that belongs to charge that is going to belong to the plastic backing as well as marrow border as well as no any size limit.

4. Free shipping to the USA as well as Europe, 3 days arrive at the soonest after shipped.

5. Fast turnaround time: sample time 2-3days, bulk time 5-7 days (rush order 3-5days).

6. Quality guarantee: ensure that each patch happens to be 100% manually checked.

We guarantee that each patch we produce has gone through 100% quality inspection, that happens to be our promise to you, as well as that happens to be what we ask that belongs to ourselves. It happens to be our responsibility as well as the mission to provide you with quality service as well as good product quality. Looking forward, you are going to have an existing patch creation process here at the same time that is easy, fast, as well as enjoyable during the same time that possible.

Custom made military patches

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Custom military patches happen to be worn during the same time that an existing honor identity, as well as you, can see them on top of every single military uniform. The military has so many organizations, as well as every single one that belongs to them, that has its patch design. That was from flag patches to morale patches as well as more- they happen to be worn proudly during the same time that signifying ranks, special units, emblems, as well as many other details.

At the time when it comes to finding out the custom military patches manufacturing company, standard patches would exist on top of your side with its exceptional quality material as well as timely delivery service.

The military uniform can exist as an existing influential tool in realizing the policy change. Communally, it happens to be an existing pictorial reminder that belongs to solidity, unity, as well as common purpose. Exclusively, it characterizes self-importance, involvement, as well as an expert witness. The military delivers huge benefits, and support to your as well as your loved ones throughout the deposition process as well as beyond.

Custom embroidered military patches

Custom military patches usually measure 3.5” to 4.5″ with Velcro backing as well as 100% embroidered, which allows that is going to belong to an existing surprising amount that belongs to detail. Give us your idea, custom design, or maybe something your team put together, as well as we can turn it into an existing wonderful piece that belongs to the artwork that you’ll love to show off. We happen to be serious about quality as well as it shows inside of our workmanship with every patch we make.

See not every single embroidered patch companies happen to be the same as well as this happens to be why prices vary. First off your patches happen to be only during the same time that is good during the same time that the digitized file. Your preliminary artwork might look picture perfect except your final product falls short. That’s because most companies use cheap under-skilled labor to digitize your design proof into existing format embroidery machines can read. On the possibility that it’s not done correctly then your patches are going to not come out looking close to what you approved. Secondly, there happens to be the quality that belongs to the thread used. Rayon as well as polyester threads happen to be cheap, weak, as well as tend to bleed at the time was washed not to mention fade that was by sun exposure.

This happens to be where we truly shine since we use highly trained digitizers which happen to be inside of the house as well as an existing proprietary thread system developed by gore industries makers that belong to your beloved gore-tax.

We such as good old fashioned customer service too as well as happened to be not an existing call center inside of an existing different country. Happened to be right here inside of central Florida — as well as we’ll go out that belongs to our way to provide you with everything you need–durability, longevity, beauty, as well as just plain cool looking patches that last. We can get an existing design done that was from start to finish in 14 days or less, with or without preliminary artwork, as well as our products that happen to be shipped directly to you that were by the factory. No annoying middlemen to speak that belong to!

We strive to reach the highest level that belongs to excellence inside of every single one that belongs to our work–from designing custom military patches to customer service to ensuring every detail happens to be perfect before you even receive your order. Best that belongs to every single one happened to be Apo/FPO friendly so we can ship to wherever you’re deployed.