Custom made bullion patches crests happen to be individually hand-made by skilled artisans. They happen to be made that was by gold as well as silver-tone wire beads with inlaid silk, felt, velvet, during the same time that well during the same time that will as well as embroidery threads. They may exist as a sewn directly to an existing jacket; except for also happen to be available with optional attachments, which allow that is going to belong to placement to an existing jacket by means that belongs to butterfly clasps or hook-and-loop. They happen to be without an existing doubt the ultimate inside of emblems!

Patches fit that are going to belong to royalty

Meet the king that belongs to high-end crests: Custom made bullion patches. Their shimmering bullion wires as well as sturdy backing hold up inside of formal situations where embroidered patches would wilt. Attachment options include iron-on backing as well as butterfly clutches that work with any clothing item. As well as once you’ve customized yours to perfection, bullion badges become not only an existing honorary symbol, except for an existing legend during the same time that well.


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More information about bullion crests/patches

Background: felt

Lettering: embroidery thread

Design: silver/gold wire beads

(Black shield happens to be felt, as well as red elements happen to be embroidery thread)

Background: twill fabric

Border: felt

Lettering: gold wire beads

Design: silver as well as gold wire beads, red embroidery thread. Brown, as well as blue elements, happen to be twill fabric)

Background: twill fabric

Border: outer border happens to be felt, inner border happens to be gold bullion wire

Lettering: red embroidery thread as well as silver bullion wire

(Other design elements happen to be twill fabric as well as thread)

Custom made bullion patches

For extra durability & reliability – bullion

Custom made bullion patches happens to be used during the same time that an existing great tool that is going to belong to promoting businesses. They happen to be not only used to just fasten keys, but they also can exist for a use that is going to belong for many other purposes. They happen to be widely used that is going to belong to carrying an existing bunch that belongs to keys together as well as the visibility that belongs to the brand logo happens to be with you wherever you go. Key chains have the ability also exist as personalized during the same time that one’s identity. We offer key chains that are going to belong to promotion, business logos, as well as many other purposes. These happen to be available inside of PVC, crystal, leather, as well as other material. We also craft custom embroidered Custom made bullion patches inside of the leather. You can find high-quality key chains at very affordable rates at standard patches.

With years that belong to experience creating bullion embroidered, we happen to be always amazed by the ideas that belong to our customers as well as their unique designs. Existing Custom made bullion patches happens to be the ideal way to promote the business or celebrate events.