Weaved patches have been viewed as a significant distinguishing proof instrument, yet additionally as a method for bringing together an association or culture. However the different techniques for connecting patches to apparel has changed, their emblematic significance for honor, solidarity, and achievement has continued as before.

Today, weaved patches can be made in numerous ways, however for life span and plan quality, it’s essential to collaborate with the best while hoping to make exceptionally weaved patches.


An Iron-on fix, otherwise called an intensity seal fix, is a piece of weaving that is connected to a sort of dress (commonly a uniform) by approaches to pressing or dry-heat enactment.

At Chicago Weaving Organization, we use heat seal and iron-on support for simple application to apparel, outfits, and whatever else you might choose to redo. Iron-on patches are a productive answer for conventional sew-on patches as they save time with their immediately applied heat initiated backing. Everything necessary to apply an iron-on fix is an iron or dry intensity source, which will soften the covered sponsorship onto anything of dress, making a connection between the texture of your material and uniquely weaved fix.

Exclusively Weaved PATCHES

The Chicago Weaving Organization doesn’t forfeit quality for cost. We are the believed forerunners in uniquely weaved iron-on patches, and that implies we convey an item that meets your precise plan necessities and complexities.


We’ve helped plan exclusively weaved patches for various gatherings and associations for the majority various purposes. View the rundown of associations and ventures we’ve helped in rejuvenating special weaved fix plans here.


At Chicago Weaving Organization, we have the assets to make custom orders in mass for yourself as well as your association. We work on an economy of scale and requesting in mass can set aside you cash as bigger orders have a more modest expense for each fix. A typical issue for Chicago Weaving clients is that they frequently need to submit a second request to request additional items after they perceive how pleasantly their specially craft looks once wrapped up.


We work with our clients through the plan cycle and can create the fix plan you want including, level of weaving, materials utilized, and even size. Work straightforwardly with one of our accomplished fix fashioners to refine a plan thought after you demand a free statement. When the plan has been settled upon we assume control over the assembling of the fix and convey an example for endorsement. Quality is of highest significance to us and on the off chance that you don’t endorse the completed item we redo the example.

Reach us for a free statement today to get everything rolling.


Beginning around 1940, we have been doing business as a Custom iron on fix producer. As an exclusive, Chicago-based organization, we invest heavily in giving our clients quality symbols they can use to gladly advance and address their association. Assuming you’re searching for top caliber, Custom iron on today, there could be no greater spot than with us.