How should I choose between banner printing options? What’s the difference?
Our banners are designed with particular uses in mind. So, when you’re picking a type, we recommend you start by asking yourself where and how you plan to display it.

For outdoor use: Vinyl banners, particularly our outdoor vinyl option, are fade and weather-resistant – a strong option for grand opening banners, as an example. Mesh is another great option, as the 70-30 weave lets wind pass through. And if you’re working with an open space, our outdoor retractable banners offer an eye-catching, freestanding option.

For indoor use: Our classic vinyl banners are great for events or spaces without a lot of wall space. If your workspace or event setup includes tables or counters, our retractable banners are a solid option. We also offer machine-washable and crease-resistant fabric hanging banners.

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