In order to convert the image to embroidery design. You need to get in touch with an embroidery digitizer. To get perfect embroidery design to sew outs. Error-free digitized files are needed. The expert uses embroidery digitizing software to complete the work within hours. But keep in mind. That some detailed design may require more time and digitizing skills.

Our expert crew @CAPITAL DIGITIZING will provide you the best quality work. To make you feel content.


To do this, you need digitizing software. It’ll help you to turn a standard embroidery design to embroidery machine-readable formats. In simple words, you can say that you’ll turn JPG into an embroidery file. The formats used in the industry include DST, PES, JEF, EXP. And many more.

Besides a digitizing software. You also need a PC to run it. There’re a lot of software. That you can use to change image to embroidery. We @CAPITAL DIGITIZING use WICOM. We’ll discuss it to make your grip better.



Let’s have a look at WICOM:

You can use WILCOM’s trial version. With full features for 30 days. If you’re going to digitize your embroidery for the 1ST time. Then 30 days aren’t enough. You need to buy this software. In order to become an expert in the work. But this will be a one-time investment. After this, you can easily digitize thousands of logos. That’ll save your cost.


Every shop tries its best to get good sales. It’s very vital for the shops to get clients. If you intend to raise your brand awareness. Then we got away. If you’ll turn the image to embroidery. Then, you can place it on caps and shirts. You can also place it on bags and jackets. So, it’ll be one of the best ways to advertise your brand.

Gifts are good! It is a good idea to give a courtesy gift to clients. Who has spent a certain amount? You can gift a shirt or a cap with emb (logo) on the front. That’ll help you to make up a bond with your clients and business.


To sum up, now you’re aware of all the things. That you must know to convert image to embroidery design. You need specific software and knowledge to do the conversion.

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