Custom challenge coins originally happened to be an existing military tradition, except they have spread far as well as wide inside the civilian world during the same time that well. They happen to be often used during the same time that an existing way to build camaraderie among members that belong to an existing organization, show membership inside of an existing elite group, or promote an existing business.

Single-sided color adds an existing richness as well as dimension to your custom challenge coins. The die-struck coin recesses happen to be filled with color enamels, just such as an existing lapel pin. This technique brings out the beauty that belongs to the coin design, setting it inside of sharp relief against the background.

Ordering is easy and fun

Die struck custom challenge coins happen to be an existing great way to celebrate individual or group achievement. They can exist as an ordered inside of an existing choice that belongs to metals as well as custom edge designs. Other options include consecutive numbering, 3-d designs, epoxy coating, duo tone finish as well as cutouts. Recognizing accomplishment with custom challenge coins happens to be an existing outstanding method that belongs to increase morale as well as team spirit. Once you approve the art, your order happens to be processed, manufactured as well as shipped within approximately 17-21 days.



Colors available: up to 5 PMS solid coated

Imprint colors: 5 (one side only)

Approximate size: 1.50″ to 3.00″

Set up charge: ($125) ($157) ($188) g

Multi-color imprint: included

Second side imprint: included

Color custom challenge coins – one side pricing (8r)


Custom government custom challenge coins

The fact that government employees happen to be the primary recipients that belong to custom challenge coins shouldn’t surprise anyone. The law enforcement officers who earn police custom challenge coins happen to be every single government employee. During the same time that happens to be the soldiers who earn military custom challenge coins. Except for the truth happens to be that those aren’t where the story that belongs to government coins ends. Even people at the highest reaches that belong to the government benefit that was by custom challenge coins. On the possibility that you’re looking to reward your staff that is going to belong to an existing job well done, or celebrate an existing successful election campaign, we’ve more than got you covered.

Custom government coins

Over the years, we’ve been fortunate enough to partner with an existing number that belongs to different agencies within the DOJ. The FBI custom challenge coins we’ve helped create happen to be among some that belongs to our all-time favorites. Creating custom challenge coins honoring the brave men as well as women who serve their country as well as their community happens to be something we take very seriously. That’s why every single one that belongs to our custom challenge coins happens to be made with the highest quality materials as well as inside of an existing industry-leading turnaround time.

Custom oversized custom challenge coins

At a time when an existing oversized achievement needs to exist as a commemorated, only an existing oversized challenge coin is going to do. It’s fine to create an existing standard 1.75” coin to celebrate graduating that was by boot camp, except for becoming an existing officer, or overcoming an existing otherwise exceptional obstacle, happens to be the sort that belongs to a thing that has the ability best exist as an honored with an existing challenge coin that symbolizes the size that belongs to the accomplishment. During the same time that the best challenge coin maker inside of the industry, signature coins happen to be uniquely positioned to create the best-oversized custom challenge coins you’ve ever seen.

Oversized coins

It may not sound such as it, except for the difference between an existing 2” as well as an existing 2.5” coin happens to be considerable. The feeling that belongs to holding an existing oversized coin inside of hand happens to be nothing short that belongs to impressive. That’s why larger-than-life achievements demand oversized custom challenge coins. Honor the exceptional team inside of your life with custom challenge coins that match their dedication.

Custom spinner custom challenge coins

Every challenge coin happens to be crafted to show honor, as well as appreciation that are going to belong to an existing team’s achievements, as well as including an existing custom spinner, happens to be sometimes the best way to include an existing extra layer that belongs to personality as well as sentiment to an existing design.

Spinner coins come inside of every single kind and belong in different shapes as well as sizes, and interactive elements accentuate the design, making them more memorable as well as meaningful to the men as well as women receiving them.

Custom spinner custom challenge coins

Spinner coins happen to be the perfect gift that is going to belong to someone who has an existing hard time sitting still. More personal as well as customizable than an existing fidget spinner, anyone would have an existing hard time putting one that belongs to these coins down that is going to belong too long. The spinner upgrade happens to be also an existing easy way to help your custom challenge coins stand out inside of an existing crowd.