Did you have letter jackets at your secondary school? Mine did, and you could procure monster “letter”

Embroidery Patch for things like games, scholastics, music, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. (I had a couple for running varsity crosscountry and scholastics.) I’ve generally cherished those patch and their classic, hand tailored feel. Enlivened me in my most recent contribution for Earthy colored Paper Join: custom pet picture Embroidery Patch it. You can now commission a representation of your #1 feline, canine, rabbit, reptile — you understand everything — as an enormous fix that will stick on your coat, rucksack, jeans… anything you like!

How the Custom Pet Representation Fix Functions

The custom representation process is basically the same as the collars I currently offer. The large contrast is that you won’t have to send me a piece of clothing, as I’ll make a fix for you.

Embroidery Patch

Cat -Embroidery-Patch
Cat -Embroidery-Patch

When you buy the posting, I’ll reach out to you and you’ll send me photographs of the pet you maintain that I should fasten. The more photographs the better — particularly pictures that are snapped in normal light and proposition an unmistakable perspective on the creature’s face (so I can get markings, and so on right).

I then work on the sketch. After I complete it, I’ll send it to you for endorsement. This where you let me know any progressions that should be made — like the eyes are too enormous or the variety is off. Assuming there are changes that need to occur, I’ll roll out the improvements and send it back to you. When everything looks great and you give the alright, I’ll begin sewing. The completed Embroidery Patch is mounted to felt with a strip and-stick backing.

With my ongoing responsibility, it’ll require somewhere in the range of two and a month to finish, from sketch to wrap up. This does exclude the time it takes to transport to you.

Things being what they are, prepared to get your custom pet picture fix? Visit my Etsy shop to begin! In the event that you have any inquiries, go ahead and message me through Etsy or a DM on my Instagram @brwnpaperbag_stitch.