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These Do-It-Yourself felt butterfly embroidery patches and moth patches were motivated by the patches that I use to sew on to my jean coat and rucksack when I was a youngster. This is Lorrie Everitt from and I am so glad to share my felt butterfly embroidery patches and moth patch projects with you.

For this post, I utilized The Felt Store’s 100 percent Fleece and Premium Fleece Mix make felt in different varieties. I cut each of my felt shapes utilizing a Cricut Creator and my SVG cutting documents yet you can likewise utilize my utilization my example formats to cut your felt utilizing little texture scissors.

I trust that you will need to make these felt patches, so I have incorporated a free download for my SVG records and the example layouts here. Kindly note that the SVG documents and example layouts are for personal utilize only.

Butterfly embroidery patches


Create Felt

Butterfly Embroidery Floss

Arranged Dots and Sequins

Embroidery and Beading Needles


Butterfly embroidery patches and Moth Example Layouts

On the off chance that you will utilize a slicing machine to cut your felt you will likewise require:

Moth SVG Layout

Butterfly embroidery patches SVG Layout

Cricut Creator

Cricut Rotating Cutting edge

Pink Texture Grasp Mat or Green Standard Hold Mat

These are the felt tones and matching DMC embroidery floss (#’s) that I used to make my patches:

100 percent Fleece felt in Regular (#ecru), Cream (#746), Petal (#3713) and Coral (#760) and Premium Fleece Mix felt in Mint (#946) and Sky Blue (#3841).



1. Remove your felt utilizing either the Cricut cutting machine or by printing out the gave layout and cutting the felt physically. We’ll go over the two strategies in this step.

Instructions to cut the felt utilizing the Cricut Creator:

Download the SVG records and save them on your PC.

Transfer the work of art to Cricut’s Plan Space, separate the variety layers so you cut only the shapes that you really want for each shade of felt.*

Machine settings – Utilize the Cricut Revolving Cutting edge and select the material “Felt, Fleece Texture”.

*Note: I won’t give instructions for how to involve a Cricut Creator or Cricut Configuration Space here. Assuming this is your most memorable time involving a Cricut Producer or Cricut Configuration Space for cutting felt, I prescribe that you can go to the Cricut site to find out more. I likewise found it accommodating to watch YouTube recordings for how to cut felt and texture when I was figuring out how to utilize my Cricut Producer.

Instructions to cut the felt utilizing the example layouts:

Print out the example formats on standard 8.5 x 11″ paper “size with no guarantees”.

I suggest utilizing a decent sets of texture scissors that will permit you to cut the little subtleties without any problem.

Project Tip: Assuming you intend to make more than one of every one of these patches, keep your cut felt pieces coordinated by putting away them independently.

2. Utilize a sweeping line to applique the body and wings to the support utilizing two strands of embroidery floss. The sweeping line adds an improving completion to the shapes however on the off chance that you are new to embroidery or you simply need to keep it basic, you can sew a straight fasten.

To gather the butterfly embroidery patches (and moth) you will hand sew the body and wings to the moving in the request as displayed in the photograph beneath.

3. Presently to the tomfoolery part where you make these patches your own. Begin by removing little shapes from your felt pieces that can be added the wings.

If it’s not too much trouble, note that these enriching shapes are not displayed in the example. The shapes are absolutely dependent upon you, simply remember you will require two of each shape so you can rehash the plan on the two wings.

Get innovative with your felt tones, dots and sequins. Plan out the thing you will do and once you have a plan that you are content with, utilize one strand of embroidery floss and a beading needle to sew them to the wings.

You can likewise add small embroidery subtleties to brighten the wings utilizing two strands of embroidery floss in colors that will stick out and praise your felt tones.

Utilize my butterfly embroidery patches and moth patches as inspiration for how to design your wings yet if it’s not too much trouble, remember that there’s no set in stone method for decorating these patches.

So get imaginative with the globule supplies and butterfly embroidery abilities that you have.

You can sew your patches to pretty much anything. I suggest utilizing a similar shade of butterfly embroidery floss as your experience felt tone.

Here is a couple of the manners in which that I have utilized my felt patches.

Made a handbag somewhat more personal.

What’s more, that is all there is to it! I trust that this moves you to make a portion of these butterfly embroidery patches and moth patches.

On the off chance that you appreciate having social gatherings with innovative companions, this is an extraordinary task thought that you can share. Just pre-cut the felt shapes in general and have everyone bring a reserve of dots and sequins that can be shared.