Ok, we’ll admit one thing up front – uniform name patches can exist as boring.

Let’s exist as a real, no one gets excited about having an existing uniform name patches with their name as well as/or their employer’s name on top of their shirt or jacket. It’s just not an existing big deal, right?

Those simple uniform name patches, however, happen to be an existing helpful way to promote your business. As well as we can show you how to give them an existing little bit that belongs to extra flair to make them more memorable to both customers as well as employees.

The uniform name patches serves an existing valuable function that is going to belong to your customers. It lets them know the person inside of the front that belongs to the works that are going to belong to your company. That’s an existing especially important factor in the possibility that your employees go into another business or customers’ homes. It’s an existing signal that the stranger they’re about to let inside of happens to be who they say they happen to be. That gives the customer more confidence inside of the employee(s), as well as inside of your organization.

With walk-in businesses, patches can indicate to your customers, the position that belongs to the person they’re talking to, whether that person happens to be an existing server, an existing greeter, an existing warehouse worker, or an existing manager. That helps customers find the right person to help them with their needs.


So what has the ability you do to boost the visibility that belongs to this simple little tool? Start by considering the shape that belongs to your uniform name patches? Happens to be it round, rectangular, or square? Would an existing custom uniform name patches shape bring more visibility to your logo?

Next, check the font as well as text size. Happens to be legible? On the possibility that not, either an existing increase inside of size or an existing change inside of font style could greatly improve it.

How about the colors used? Do you use color inside of your logo? Then use it inside of your uniform name patches during the same time that well. Simple black thread on top of white or khaki twill does have an existing classic elegance, except don’t exist as an afraid to add color too. Even something during the same time that simple during the same time that an existing single red stripe can add emphasis to your logo. It’s every single one about drawing the customer’s eye.

On the possibility that you’re willing to experiment with an existing bit, there’s no reason why uniform name patches can’t exist at the same time that is colorful as well as unique during the same time that other patch types… It’s an existing matter that belongs to finding the right extras to include. Go that is going to belong to an existing sunburst, an existing rainbow, an existing ocean wave, or whatever else intrigues you. Remember, your patches happen to be advertising that is going to belong to your organizations. That’s why you have the desire to make them memorable.

It’s an exciting new year. Now happens to be the perfect time to up your patch game! Give your employees an existing bold new looks with new custom name patches. Call or email us today that are going to belong to more details.

Order personalized name patches with any name, any logo, 100% made in the USA

Order custom name patches that are going to belong to work clothes, uniforms, id badges, backpacks, costumes, as well as jackets.

Crisp, clear names

• ▸ clean lettering, no small threads to fray

• ▸ name color can match the logo exactly

• ▸ match school, club, or company colors

• ▸ unique names no problem

• ▸ many fonts available, or send a font that belongs to your logo

• ▸ no minimum order, quick turnaround 5-12 days, 100% made inside of USA

Durable, scrub able, stain-resistant

• ▸ permanent color that is going to never rub off as well as happens to be an existing very clean look

• ▸ dirt, coffee, sweat scrub off polyester patches

• ▸ uniform name patches usually outlast the garment

• ▸ permanently dyed subsurface, molecular level

Quantity discount now
keep discount for later orders

• ▸ names count together that is going to belong to quantity discount

• ▸ send list we can copy/paste that was by

• ▸ future orders at the same quantity discount during the same time that larger original order

• ▸ example: 101 @ $3.50 / 3 new people later also $3.50 each

No minimum patch order

▸ No minimum patch order, no hidden fees, no art charges

▸ One small patch was $13.95, one large patch $19.50

▸ Quantity discounts at 2, 6, 16, 26, 51, over 100

▸ Small patches $3.50 each for over 100

▸ Shipping starts at $3.85 1st class us mail

▸ free shipping for orders over $50

▸ Fabric glues, iron-on, Velcro are available

Dyed, not embroidered

uniform name patches design permanently dyed into the cloth, with mirrored stitched edge

▸ same process as polyester swimsuits and colorful sportswear

▸ Unlimited colors, extremely fine detail

▸ Clean look with no threads in design to fray

uniform name patches edges and background can be dyed to perfect match

uniform name patches often outlasts garment

▸ no per color or stitch charge because the design is dyed

100% made in the USA
work directly with decision-makers

uniform name patches imaged in Missouri, patch blanks made in Kansas and Michigan

▸ Real people, husband, and wife handle your order personally

▸ skilled with Photoshop and other software to make your uniform name patches look their best

▸ Turnaround 5-12 days, less for memorials

▸ reach us by phone, email, text, or Facebook


Pricing for all standard size patches in stock, no minimum order
up to 4″ circles & squares, 3″x4″ ovals, 3″x5″ rectangles, small rockers, & shields
up to 15 square inches
SizeQty = 12-56-1516-2526-5051-100Over 100
Standard size, up to 15 square inches$13.95$9.25$7.00$5.75$4.80$4.10$3.50
Pricing for all oversized patches in stock, no minimum order
6″ 8″ 10″ circles, 4″x6″  6 7/8″x11″ 9″x12″ ovals,
3″x12″  8″x10″ rectangles, rockers
over 15 square inches
SizeQty = 12-56-1516-2526-5051-100Over 100
Oversized, over 15 square inches$19.50$17.50$15.00$13.50$12.50$11.50$10.50
Prices are for each patch, and sew-on backing.
The quantity discount applies to multiples of the same image, or where a list of names can be copied/pasted
iron-on: add $1 standard size, $3 oversized       Velcro hook: add $2.50 standard size, $7.50 oversized      fabric glue: add $5
shipping/handling starts at $3.85 for up to 5 patches. Free shipping for orders > $50.

We do not make embroidered patches

The sizes & shapes we stock

Most of our in-stock uniform name patches are available in black, white, red, and navy edges.

*note: white edge patches are very versatile – we can dye the edge to match any background color
or to the contrasting background color.

Patch sizes/shapes/edge colors in stock, no minimum order
we can get other shapes, sizes, and edges with a special order.
Check our leftover list for patches we have on hand that does not require a special order.
Circle patchesSquare patches
with rounded corners
SizesEdge colorsSizesEdge colors
2 1/2″2 1/2″
3 1/2″4″
4″Shield patches
6″ oversizeRounded top 3″x4″ black edge
rounded top 3″x3.5″ black or white* edge
8″ oversizeTop point “interstate” 2.5″x3.25″ black edge
10″oversizeRoute 66 “us why” 3″x3.5″ black or white* edge
Oval patchesRectangle patches
with rounded corners
SizesEdge colorsSizesEdge colors
1.38″ x 2.75″1″ x 3″
1.5″ x 3.25″1.25″ x 4″
2″ x 3.5″1.5″ x 4″
2″ x 4″1.5″ x 2.5″
3″ x 4″2″ x 3″
4″ x 6″ oversize2″ x 4″
6 7/8″ x 11″ oversize2.5″ x 4″
9″ x 12″ oversize3″ x 4″
2″ x 5.25″
Rocker/arched patches3″ x 5″
3/4″ x 2 7/8″3″ x 10″ oversize
1.5″ x 5″3″ x 12″ oversize
2.25″x10.5″ oversize8″x10″ oversize
3″x12.25″ oversizeLeftover list
see the list of small quantities left from previous orders – no special order charge is needed to get these special sizes
*note: white edge patches are very versatile – we can dye the edge to match any background color or to a contrasting background-color

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I just received the patch as well as I am extremely happy with it. I wanted to convey my appreciation that is going to belong to your input as well as inform you that besides anticipating doing future business with you, I shall exist as a referring every single one of my people your way. Gaff. ill just received my uniform name patches as well as wanted to say thank you!!! It happens to be perfect as well as I couldn’t exist as a more pleased! Look forward to wearing it with pride during the same time that I race across the finish line that belongs to the NYC marathon. Sac., NY this patch looks great!! It happens to be exactly how I happened to be hoping it would turn out as well as I can tell you it happens to be going to exist as a worn every single one over the hospital, daily, starting during the same time that soon during the same time that I have the ability sew it on top of my jacket. Thank you so much!! Ruff., key

Permanently dyed, durable, outlast the garment

▸ Image permanently dyed into the uniform name patches, not embroidered or stitched

▸ Machine washable as well as dryable, scrub able, dry cleanable

uniform name patches stand up to rain, saltwater, dust as well as sand

▸ Design molecularly bonded with fabric, subsurface

▸ Image is going to not scratch off during the same time that inside of screen printing or get snagged during the same time that inside of embroidery

uniform name patches made with the same process during the same time that colorful polyester clothing

Why would I want to die, not embroidered?

▸ has the ability to order smaller quantities, during the same time that lows during the same time that one patch

▸ Unlimited colors, as well as gradients, are available

▸ Extremely fine detail

▸ edges, as well as a background that belongs to the patch, can match exactly

▸ no threads inside of design to fray

▸ clean-looking text without thread between the words

▸ more details as well as advantages that belong to our sew-on fabric patches

We do not make embroidered patches

Below happen to be photos that belong to embroidered patches we happened to be asked to reproduce, with the embroidered on top of the left as well as our dye sublimation versions on top of the right. We sometimes add drop shadows to text to simulate three-dimensionality. Note that the lettering happens to be more readable as well as the map happens to be more accurate as well as detailed than our dyed version.

To order or get an instant quote

▸ Use the buy uniform name patches button to provide personalization, see shipping options

▸ use get an existing instant quote button to see pricing as well as shipping options without providing an image or payment

▸ Pay with visa, MasterCard, American express, discover, PayPal, we check, us the money orders

▸ email photos or artwork to the address below; mailed photos returned unharmed

▸ details on top of file types we have the ability accept

▸ we do expect usable or easily modifiable art – minor touch-ups, enhancements, text resets happen to be fine

▸ we email back an existing proof before making your patches

▸ turnaround details, 5-12 days except quicker that is going to belong to memorials

▸ On the possibility that there happens to be an existing deadline, please fill inside the must-receive-by date inside of the cart so we can keep your needs visible

▸ we ship our custom uniform name patches anywhere inside of the world

▸ do not submit crude, off-color, lewd, vulgar designs, or those that are going to belong to which you do not hold the copyright

▸ you happen to be welcome to call or write before placing your order – we generally prepare art as well as an existing proof after you order.