A wonderful English Bee embroidery patch. An embroidered iron-on patch, ideal for customizing your dress! This exquisite little bee will encourage your coat or pack, and carry a pop of variety to your outfit. Pop it on a shirt, backpack or coat to spice up your outfit! Just Iron on and the patch will be for all time held set up! Each patch has a cement backing, which is gotten by ironing on. An embroidered iron-on patch, in view of a watercolor illustration of a White-Followed Honey bee by Artist Eleanor Longhurst.

Show your affection for the English Bee, it needs your assistance!


This Bee Embroidery Patch measures 63mm across, and is produced using vivid embroidery strings with a contrasting peach trim. Introduced on a sponsorship card containing instructions for application. Patches are sent in a cellophane sack to guarantee your patch stays spotless and clean on it’s way to you!

Size: 9.5 x 6.75 inches

Type: Enormous Organization Embroidery

Application: Iron On Patch

Shower water on the rear of embroidery.

Put Bee Embroidery Patch on article of clothing.

Set iron temperature for cotton.

Cover embroidery with a piece of clammy material.

Iron for 10-15 seconds, contingent upon patch size.

Turn article of clothing back to front and iron until dry.

Bee embroidery patches can undoubtedly be firmly applied to the dresses straightforwardly with an iron. Ideal for patching up harmed clothes, for example, pants, denim jackets, shoes and other fashionable decorations. They are sewn with needles and strings, so they are difficult to break, don’t stain, and can be utilized for quite a while. To hold them back from tumbling off, sewing them, for example, lopsided surface is ideal.

You will actually want to download the accompanying sizes in general and embroidery designs with the acquisition of this Bee embroidery patch:

 SIZES: 2″, 3″ and 4″

Designs: PES, EMD, SEW, JEF, EXP, PCM, computers, celebrity, VP3, EMD, XXX, CSD, DST, SHV, HUS

Once installment has cleared, you will get a connection to download this ?? embroidery plan. Click on the connection, then chose Concentrate ALL, click on the embroidery document, and afterward DOWNLOAD. Reorder onto your PC, or onto your USB to move to your embroidery machine. You won’t have the option to straightforwardly open the record on your PC except if you have the fitting programming to do as such. I prescribe testing the plan first to ensure all that looks right prior to sewing it on the last piece. Assuming you disapprove of it by any means if it’s not too much trouble, CONTACT US.

Kindly note, this isn’t a patch. You will require an Bee Embroidery Patch machine and the capacity to move the plan from your PC to your machine to utilize this plan. If it’s not too much trouble, be certain you are know all about the strategy to download and move plans to your machine prior to buying this item.

It is likewise strongly suggested that you utilize a stabilizer for best outcomes. Every one of my plans has been tried and sewed utilizing a stabilizer support to guarantee quality (see fasten out photograph). The right stabilizer is fundamental for best outcomes. My plans are all digitized for 100 percent cotton materials albeit the plans can beBee Embroidery Patch on any texture type.

A patch of an irate cartoon looking dark and yellow honey bee/wasp.

The most effective method to Iron on the Irate Bee embroidery patch

Lay your fabric on a level, heat-safe surface like an ironing board. To guarantee the thing will give a decent surface to the Bee Embroidery Patch, iron it first. Assuming that it’s a knapsack or another thing that is challenging to iron, give your all to organize it so the piece of the texture that will get the patch is level against a hard surface.

Place the patch in the position you picked. The cement side ought to be level against the base texture. Ensure that the patch isn’t abnormal. On embroidered patches, the glue side is the underside.

Heat up an iron. Go it to the most blazing setting your texture can endure. Ensure the “steam” option is switched off, and that your iron isn’t brimming with water.

Place a slight towel over the patch. Take care not to upset the position of the patch. The towel will safeguard the actual patch and the encompassing texture.

Position the warmed iron over the patch and press down. Hold the iron there for around 15 seconds. Apply however much tension that you can by pushing down immovably.

Eliminate the iron and permit the patch to cool. Lift the towel and verify whether the patch is fixed on safely by tenderly scouring at the edge with a finger, attempting to lift it. On the off chance that it lifts up a little, supplant the towel and press it with the iron again for 10 seconds.

Size: Approx 6cm Across wing Length

Value Incorporates One patch

Step by step instructions to apply patch to texture:

Bee Embroidery Patches are waterproof to a degree.

Try not to tumble dry.

For clothes washer use, utilize a cool wash.

We would suggest hand-washing if conceivable. Washing at a high temperature will influence/harm the glue backing.

Patches accompany iron-on glue backing “Intensity N-Bond”:

– Set the iron to the cotton setting or same

– Strip off paper liner

– Put theBee Embroidery Patch glue side down on top of your texture then iron from texture side onto patch. – Press and hold the iron on the patch for 10-15 seconds or until the paste has dissolved. For thicker textures, a longer time might be required.

– Try not to endeavor to test to check whether your patch has stuck until after it has totally cooled. Moving the patch while still warm will disturb the bonding system.

We likewise suggest you add a couple of lines around the edge of the bee embroidery patch to your texture just to be certain it’s EXTRA safe