Want some help finding the best art prints for your bathroom? We have curated collections of bathroom wall art for different interior decor styles.

All you have to do is find a bathroom inspiration image that matches your style.

Botanical Bathroom Art – Seaweed Prints

If you’re looking for something to spruce up an otherwise plain bathroom wall, then botanical bathroom wall art is the perfect option.

These grounded and earthy prints complement your bathroom’s clean lines and harder surfaces and will instantly update any bathroom and add a fluid organic look to your space.

Classic Coastal Bathroom Paintings

Coastal Paintings are perfect for your bathroom.

They add texture, depth and character to your design and work perfectly in any bathroom.

We have picked prints with beautiful blues and give a nod to the sea and coastal vibes.

Abstract Bathroom Art

Abstract art prints are perfect for your bathroom.

They’re bold and striking while adding texture and fluidity to your bathroom space.

We love our knot collection for bathrooms. They have a lovely blue watery feel to them and give a nautical and coastal vibe to your interior.

Black and White Bathroom Prints

Black bathroom fixtures are very on trend right now. They add an architectural element to your bathroom and create a clean and crisp space. 

We have chosen eye-catching black and white bathroom art that will compliment your bathroom design and add a dynamic depth to your space. 

Photography For Your Bathroom

We love these laid-back and beachy bathroom photographs.

They add a luxury splash of colour to your bathroom and soften the space. 

These bathroom photography prints will add some character but won’t be too much colour for you in the morning!

Vintage Bathroom Prints for a Victorian Home

These are the perfect prints for a bathroom with period features or a traditional feel.

We have chosen artwork to add an authentic depth to your space. They have an antique feel but also a modern edge.

A Calming Neutral Bathroom

Your bathroom should be a relaxing, calm, zen space to refresh and prepare for the day.

These prints will make your bathroom feel like a spa.

Aquatic and Marine Bathroom Prints

This is a lovely selection of aquatic and marine bathroom prints.

The watery blue feel of these art prints works perfectly in a bathroom design and their organic forms will add movement and a softness to your bathroom.

Happy Place Maps For Your Bathroom

Maps are perfect to hang in your bathroom. They add a vintage feel and character to your interior whilst also reminding you of somewhere happy in the morning.

Looking at these prints will be the perfect way to start the day.

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