Anime Iron On Patches

Stereoscopic embroidery is a kind of anime iron on patches. As the name suggests, it utilizes embroidery string to wrap EVA plastic inside, consequently framing a 3D impact design. The technique for making embroidery is a sort of Do-It-Yourself embroidery, which can communicate or mirror the 3D impact of the item as per the plan prerequisites and configuration steps of the 3D embroidery drawing. Both 3D embroidery and cross-line are Do-It-Yourself embroidery. The greatest contrast is that cross join is level hand embroidery, while 3D embroidery is a 3D concept. Stereoscopic embroidery has a stronger 3D visual pleasure; Home decoration makes a more extravagant stylish difference; A more rich and sympathetic gift.

Sequins embroidery, otherwise called dot embroidery, is made of empty dabs, dab tubes, counterfeit gemstones, sparkling globules and different materials, It chiefly weaved on dress to deliver a beaded, stunning impact, for the most part utilized on show apparel to add the magnificence and engaging quality of apparel, yet in addition generally utilized on shoe uppers, packs, gems boxes and so on.



We have various materials for you to pick, including twill, fur, material, felt, PU and so on. You can pick different base textures to apply in your items as per your ideal impact.


There are six kinds of support you can pick, every one of them are made by your item and wanted impact.


You can pick the different line you like


We offer the different inventive bundles, assuming you need to beautified your items, that is wonderful decision! Pls contact us to get more insights concerning it.

So send your thought or plan, we will make them work out as expected! We energetically welcome customers overall to lay out cooperation and make a splendid future with us together.

W: 4.1 in x H: 1.8 They can be utilized to improve clothing, shades, pads, scrapbooking projects and so on ** For best outcomes and sturdiness we suggest anime iron on patches and sew on.** Use Instructions: Note: You can iron onto most textures. Sewing or texture paint around the edges is prescribed assuming that the things are to be washed consistently. Prepress your ideal article of clothing preceding adhering to instructions. 1. Put fix on wanted location. 2. Cover fix with a slight material, and put a home anime iron on patches fix., Try not to utilize iron straightforwardly on fix to safeguard the fix under high temperature. 3. Apply strain on the iron for around 40-60 seconds. Temp. Approx. 250 ‘F-280 ‘F (Relies upon the thickness of material.) 4. Eliminate anime iron on patches, and trust that fix will chill off totally. 5. In the event that adherence is more than a little flawed, if it’s not too much trouble, rehash stage 2 and 3. *This thing in my shop is prepared to Transport inside 1-2 work days *Thank you for taking as much time as is needed to visit Great Custom Plans. Trust you find something you love for your little one.

The action of “Samurai Champloo” happens in medieval Japan of the Edo period, be that as it may, the particular time is conditional, this world in Watanabe’s version is loaded up with an immense number of anachronisms and references to current culture. In this manner, for instance, a few occasions discuss the center of the seventeenth hundred years, when such verifiable figures as Hisikawa Moronobu (episode 5) show up, while others highlight the finish of the eighteenth 100 years, and in episode 19 even a brief look at Eugene Delacroix’s painting “Opportunity, driving individuals “, written in 1830.

Item Type: Patches

Include: Handmade,3D,Eco-Accommodating

Style: Iron-On

Methods: Weaved Size:3.5(W) X 3.8(H)cm

All around made and Top Quality and Extraordinary plans

Variety: As the image show

Style: As pictures show

Iron on/Sew on

Extraordinary for decoration.

You can design your garments, coats, pants, packs, caps and so on

Ideal For Pants, Coats, Coats, Rucksacks

Bundle incorporates: 1pcs weaved fix

There is stick on the rear. You can Anime Iron On Patches it on your garments.