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The 3d embroidery patches is a cubic weaving technique by putting a pad material on the textures where you can for the most part see it on sports covers. By raising examples, for example, lettering or mascots, 3d embroidery patches can upgrade the profundity and level of the plan. What’s more, we, Dah Jing Weaving has gathered north of 30 years’ involvement with the 3D weaving field. To fulfill clients’ 3D puff weaving patch interest, we generally give serious costs, brief conveyance, top quality, and great administrations to our clients from one side of the planet to the other. Consequently, we have been procured and fabricated a decent standing.

All our 3d embroidery patches can acknowledge altered by clients’ particulars and prerequisites. You are constantly invited to send us any solicitation or request whenever.

3d embroidery patches

With a raised plan to give it aspect and profundity, these patches are like the drying weaving patches. They can be made in various varieties and ordinarily sport 2 tones: the external edge tone, produced using the base material, and the inward variety produced using the yarns used to make the 3D look.

Weaved Trim/Tape: These marks look like a more customary tag and have a level, completed look that works best with mottos and names. They are very solid, utilizing a sewing strategy that makes the words that are sewn across them appear as though they are unified with the sponsorship.

The base can be trim, cotton or twill, and are accessible in a wide assortment of varieties. They stand up well to washings and climate, so they are a solid match as an external mark.


Thick materials that will be washed occasionally by and large work best with puff weaving, for example, baseballs or sports caps, sacks and thicker coats. Specially layered 3d embroidery patches work best on more slender materials that will be washed consistently, like oxford, polo’s, and pullovers.

3D weaving work best on zipper pulls, dress and key chains. In light of our past encounters by utilizing two creative strategies, one is uniquely layered 3D weaving and the other is puff 3d embroidery patches. This would be the right customization strategy for you. In the event that you are don’t know which applications turn out best for your plan, contact our outreach group to get each of your inquiries addressed.

Custom 3d embroidery patches

On account of the idea of weaving, it is not difficult to make custom 3d embroidery patches. The expanded development of the sewing on these particular patches gives expanded profundity to supplement the varieties to make the customized 3d fixes and customized 3d identifications stick out.

Ideal for brands, the plan of these 3d embroidery patches is normally restricted to little logos or single letter plans because of the cumbersomeness of the fix or identification.

These 3d embroidery patches are many times involved on covers or the bosoms of shirts for most extreme visual effect.

D Weaved Patches

3d embroidery patches are handily applied to pieces of clothing, handbags, caps, and then some.

3D weaving hoists your patches to a higher level. World Image’s 3d embroidery patches are made with superior grade, colorfast, polyester strings and textures. They can be applied in-house which get a good deal on cargo. Pressure delicate and heat seal applications accessible. To guarantee the best application experience, utilize our custom intensity seal cushion to apply the patches.

Take your client’s image higher than ever with custom layered plans. These 3d embroidery patches permit you to add premium logos to outerwear and hard products on request. With a huge determination of string and foundation tones to browse, it’s not difficult to make a striking, top of the line search for any work.